Monday, January 16, 2012

Blue Daze Flower Tutorial

Product List:
*Sunflower Die that has large and smaller sizes. I used Spellbinders for this tutorial.
*Flower Soft
*glue or any liquid adhesive
*chalk ink
*Pearls or crystals

Die cut or punch out 2 large flowers and 2 small flowers. Ink all of the edges.

Curl back each petal of the larger flowers and both smaller flowers but make the curls tighter in one of the smaller flowers. This one will be your center. I used the handle of a small paintbrush to get a tight curl.

Because my larger flowers had a large gap in the middle, I glued them onto a small cut out circle. Layer the 2 larger flowers and stagger the petals.

Next place one of the smaller flowers onto the layer.

The flower with the tight curls place in the middle with your curls going toward the center of the flower.

Place your pearl of crystal in the center of the flowers and place a ring of adhesive around it.

Take some oinch fulls of flower soft and cover the adhesive generously. Gently pat down the flower soft into the adhesive so it gets a good grip onto the adhesive.

Turn the flower over and tap out the excess flower soft. You can always add some more if you see a gap or a space you missed.

The smaller flowers are made the same way except you only use the smaller die cuts. This is a sneak of a LO I completed using the fabulous Swirlydoos January kit Mystical Winter. Once I slap a photo and some butterflies on it, I will upload it into the Swirlydoos gallery. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Off to print up some butterflies to complete this LO.


  1. Lisa, these are richly layered and adorned. Thank you for sharing, you're the best!

  2. WOW these are stunning!! I've never heard of flower soft..will have to try!

  3. You always put so much effort into your gorgeous flowers, Lisa....kudos on this one!!!

  4. gorgeous flowers Lisa...beauties!

  5. Love the touch of flower soft. Great flowers. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Looooovvveee how these flowers turned out! You can turn out some beautifulllll flowers girlie!

  7. oh my word.. those are beyond gorgeous... love the colors and the inking.. You just have this special way of making all of your hand made flowers look amazing...

  8. gonna try your flower today and thanks for the Butterflies!

  9. Lisa, these are soooo gorgeous!! You never fail to impress!! I bet if you put all of your flower tutorials in a book, you would be all sold out in no time!! :D

  10. this is so beautiful and stunning...I always loves your beautiful handmade flowers.


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