Sunday, February 28, 2010

Butterfly Wishes

Today is reveal Day for Swirlydoos March kit "Butterfly Wishes"...The kit is packed with Prima goodness and it is one of my favorite kits so far...But arent they all!! so without further ado....Here are 5 of my LO's... Still working on more...

This is my version of the March Butterfly Whispers sketch by Beggahuna. Loved it. Even though some of the the embellies weren't to scale, it still gave me great inspiration on this LO. I made the paper lace using my Moroccan Lace edge punch. That one is one of my faves. I painted the chip board flourish and layered the little flowers. The letters were die cut using my Quickutz Storybook die for the lower case letters, the upper case were from my Sizzix Sizzlets Endless Love alpha dies. I used one of The Crafter's Workshop templates to cut the scallops on my paper. The photos are my DD...

When my DD was a wee little one, we had a couple of nick names for her, one of which was doodle bug..I just loved the butterfly paper in this kit, it reminded me of Angelica...She loves her beautiful butterflies. I found a way to use those beautiful crystal cluster fronds...The stick pin was created by Mandy (craftlysprinkles) they can be found in her Etsy shop..She is so creative!! I found a use for the crystal fronds, I used them as butterfly bodies!! I used the package backing to die cut the little leafy vines, the color was perfect. I saved all the packaging.I die cut the label with my new Spellbinders dies, then used the embossing mat to bring out the detail. My DD helped me cut hundreds of little letters I printed out using Microsoft Wrd, and inked each letter, then separated them in little bags. Now I have plenty of mini letters when I want. That was a lot of work, but she wanted to help. My little Doodle Bug...

These are pics of my sisters grand baby Nicole Yasmine, we call her Nikki. . Took them last time they visited. This LO was inspired by the wonderful Nic Howard. Just love her work!! I tried to keep this one simple. The Prima felt piece was going the wrong way for me, so I reversed the pattern and cut it out of card stock. I took the little Prima bouquet apart and used the lilies and ribbon on this LO. The photo frame is Sizzix. I covered the chip board letters with paper.

The papers are Primas brand new Flights of Fancy..So pretty!! The kit is packed with Prima goodness. I also used my leafy vines that I created for February's kit. Did some corset stitching and distress inking.

Pic is my mom, whose smile could light the world. Followed Robin's (Loves2create) very first sketch on this one.So beautiful!! Made the big rose, the tiny cabbage roses and used one of my Sizzix dies for the little flourishes. Love that Prima butterfly!! Tried gabriellep's ruffled edge that she taught us how to do..Thanks Gabi!!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Water color Flowers with Bonus Rose

I have created the tutorial ready for the March Swirlydoos kit..Water Color flowers with a bonus Watercolor Rose just thrown in the mix. These are super simple easy!! While I was browsing through some of my older scrapbook magazines for some inspiration, I came across my old copy of 2006 Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame Book...and there was my new inspiration for flowers... Honorable Mention Christa Hayden. She made these beautiful flowers from rice paper...I thought, why not coffee filters like I have been using...And break out my wonderful set of watercolors....This is what I came up with...These were done with one Sizzix die in 2 sizes.....I hope you like them...Color varieties are endless with watercolors!! The tutorial will show layered flowers also. When I was done, the flowers reminded me of flowers in my aunt Sylvia's garden in Puerto Rico.. So I was going to name them Flores Tropicales, but Water Color Flowers is just a basic, you take off from there..They can be loud and colorful or soft with a hint of pastel...The sky is the limit, now go forth and paint a garden!!

Friday, February 26, 2010


This is a LO I did for a Round Robin Challenge started and arranged by Meg over at Swirlydoos. It has been so much fun, like playing "telephone"....Well I used the February Swirlydoos kit "From Venice With Love". The metal butterfly I made using the Ten Second Studio Metal Technique Add-On Kit. I had an old paint stencil that I used for the image, embossed, burnished, then cut it out..Love the metal!!! The photo is an old photo booth picture strip that the kids and I did back in 1994. Silly us!!! I made the flowers using the "3 Version Flower" I created for Swirlydoos. Check out the tutorial section. The frames are a Sizzix die. The paper lace was created with a punch. The leaves came from a download I created as a make and take for the Swirly girls during CHA week. Gabrillep taught us all how to ruffle an edge, so I kind of roughened this one up a bit..Thanks Gabi!! In the challenge I had to follow Lisa (Raining) and her 2 x 2 LO...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Winter Princess

Do you believe I found a LO that I forgot to post....I just realized I didnt post this one...Well, this was done with Swirlydoos January kit "Winter Wonderland". The beautiful Bo Bunny Snowy Serenade was the featured paper in this kit, and every single sheet was prettier than the next. I made my own faux bling swirls using 3D paint and did some punching and die cutting, used the flash card "W" from a previous kit and made some "3 Version Roses" from the tutorial at Swirlydoos. I processed the photo in Photoshop CS4 and used my favorite Florabella actions and textures on it.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Miss the warmer weather here in Florida...

Something about this image I shot a few years ago makes me think about spring at the cottage....It is also my entry for Flypaper Textures in hopes that they will choose my photo to make over...~~Sigh~~~...I miss the warmer weather...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Flores Tropicales Tutorial with bonus

While I was browsing through some of my older scrapbook magazines for some inspiration, I came across my old copy of 2006 Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame Book...and there was my new inspiration for flowers... Honorable Mention Christa Hayden. She made these beautiful flowers from rice paper...I thought, why not coffee filters like I have been using...And break out my wonderful set of watercolors....This is what I came up with...These were done with one Sizzix die in 2 sizes..I am currently working on roses, and flowers in other shapes, and more custom colors...So here is the basic flower, variations will be shown with the tutorial which will be ready for the Swirlydoos March kit reveal!! I hope you like them...Color varieties are endless with watercolors!! The tutorial will show layered flowers also. When I was done, the flowers reminded me of flowers in my aunt Sylvia's garden in Puerto Rico.. thus the name...Flores Tropicales


Watercolor paints
paint brushes
flower die or punches
fine tipped black marker

coffee filters or rice paper
egg carton
paint tray for mixing paints

Step 1
Cut out, punch or diecut your flowers out of the paper
Step 2
Mix your water color paints to the colors you want. Adding more water will give you a softer, lighter color. Using different shades of the same color, or using complimentary colors, start painting your flowers. If you have papers for a LO you are going to use, mix up colors that compliment the paper to use on a LO.

Place the wet flowers in egg cartons carefully pushing them down into the spaces, and let the flowers dry. This will give them some body and dimension.

Step 4

After the flowers are dry, using a fine tipped pen, draw some stamen on the flowers.

Step 5
Grab the bottom of the flowers on the wrong side and pinch and twist the middle of the flower in the middle as shown.

Step 6
Carefully open up the flower keeping the bottom pinched and twisted and fluff out the flowers by arranging the petals slightly. you could curl some of the petal if desired for a more natural look.

Step 7

This photo shows how you can also layer the flowers. Use as many layers as you like.

Step 8
Bonus Water Color rose...Cut a large spiral out of the coffee filter or rice paper. Color using various shades of color desired, and on the very outer edge of the spiral, use a darker color just along the very edge.

Step 9
This is your finished rose. You can now hit it with a little perfect pearls, or glimmer mist for shimmer.

Monday, February 15, 2010

My First Sketch

Well I did my first sketch..At Swirlydoos we have a new section in the gallery where we are encouraged to create and share our sketch creations..I figured what the hell, I'll give it a try...To time consuming, I think I will leave this to the Sketch Queens. I really should dig into my arsenal of digital scrapbook elements...That would make it soooo much easier...OK, off to look for my CD with my thousands of elements I have collected over the last few years and download them to my laptop...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Prima Prize!!!

So last week, Prima did a live chat with Marion Smith..And if any of you know her from A Piece of Craft and her You Tube videos, you know she is the Mini Album queen!! Well I participated in the live chat which was fabulous and at the end Sharon Laakkonen one of Primas premiere Flower Girls and PrimaDonna and Marion picked 3 winners for a prize....And I was one of the winners!!! I was so excited. I thought we had won a set of Brand Spankin New Prima stamps straight out of CHA 2010.. But I was wrong....My package came in the mail today and I got so excited when the package felt like it contained more than a set of stamps...I ran into the house like a kid jumping up and down yelling I got my winnings!!!My daughter said I was a little too obssessed and my husband said , "Lets see"!!! I ripped open the package and out popped....7 packages of flowers and not 1 but 6 sets of Prima's newest stamps..And I am a stampaholic!!!!! So this was certainly a treat!! Free Prima product is always exciting!! So I share with you some photo's of my winnings!! And go check out Prima for the live chat sessions with Marion...They are wonderful!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Words Of Wisdom

I want to share some words of wisdom with you..They were sent to me by one of my mentors in Photography, Rob Provencher..One of my favorite photographers, But what he sent me could also apply to our craft, scrapbooking...Rob is a very wise man...Here is what he said.

Some photographers have the erroneous belief that talent, photographic talent, is an innate, programmed in their DNA, born-with skill set. A 'gift', so to speak.
Truth is, greatness, talent, creative works, and just about all success's are learned behaviors. It doesn't come from DNA but from practice and perseverance honed over decades.
Whether you believe in what I'm saying or not matters not. The good news is, you can grow your skills (talents) through perseverance, hard work and practice.
If you're upset, threathened by what I'm saying and totally disagree, let's duke it out. I wanna hear what you gotta say, 'cuz I'm coming in all guns a blazing in total defense f what I'm saying here.
If anyone tries to discourage you and lead you into believing you must be born with 'the gift', don't for a second listen to any of that utter nonsense.
Photography is a learned skill set. Just like playing music. You get better with time and practice.
Unfortunately, many believe, because of the magical qualities inherent in photography, and the intrinsic 'glamorousness' in being called a photographer, that photography is a sublime, mysterious, noble, rare and sacred gift from the gods. Bullshit.
This creates a load of confusion. To know better gives you an advantage. Let me explain.
I see many photogs and aspiring photogs showing up at events to listen to their fave photog speak. This is all fine and dandy, but if you have the wrong mindset, you won't be maximizing the return on time and money invested when attending photographic workshops and seminars.
Instead, you'll be mesmerized and in awe. The bigger the name, you more the awe level. The big name marquis, celeb speaker will leave you with a sense of amazement, maybe a tad more.
Instead of grabbing and cultivating as many legit strategies and principles that you can borrow and roll into your own photography and photography business, you'll swim into the egotistically driven experience. We tend to do this as humans and photographers, in my opinion, are extra vulnerable.
Sitting at the foot of the guru seems to be enough.
So, the alternative is, go for knowledge. Take notes. Grab ideas and make them your own. Grab inspirations that evolve in your in your mind, and when you get back to your studio, practice. Yes, practice. Too many just think about this, or worse yet, wait until their next paid gig to practice whatever ideas and inspirations visit upon them.
And then they flop. Why? Lack of practice.
I used to, and still do, harp on this over and over when speaking to large groups of photographers. We're no different, not better than any other creative discipline.
When a symphony musician has to learn a piece, they don't show up at rehearsal never having practiced any thing. They must study and practice until their fingers bleed. Or pay hell with maestro.
With musicians, it's obvious. You don't know the piece, it sounds like crap.
In photography, many people/clients/photogs lack judgment or discernment and believe what they see is a great photograph. Until they see something better, and get educated. Therein lies the opportunity to show your clients something better and educate them on quality.

How To Succeed

By Robert Provencher

Would you like to know how to succeed? It's simple really, all you have to do is succeed. Really. Once you succeed you attract more success. It's like magic and very powerful.

Ah, but how do you succeed in the first place you ask? How can you get success if you ain't got none? Okay, that's a fair question and it certainly sounds like a catch-22 doesn't it.

In order to create success out of thin air you must start with a vision, an idea, a goal, a clear mental picture of what it is you see yourself succeeding at. It all starts with your ability to use your IMAGINATION. Einstein believed that IMAGINATION was the most powerful force in the universe. But, you have to use your own imagination first. Combined with desire.

You must convince yourself of this on an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis. Without this you are wandering aimlessly.

At your deepest unconscious level you have a success barometer. It tells you how well you will do. It's like a ladder with only so many rungs on it. Everyone has their own unique barometer and we are limited by the possibilities this sets for us.

Why are so many people stuck earning $40,000.00 a year, year after year? It's their internal success barometer. This barometer controls us and if we head for any opportunity or success it will pull us back, drags us down.

So how do we get over any limits our own barometers may have placed on our own destiny? By using our imaginations we can slowly increase the level of our own barometer. It takes work but it will have an effect and when opportunities come your way you will be able to take advantage of them instead of sabotaging them. You must imagine what it will be like to be in that place that you call success. A clear mental picture, remember?

Other ways to work your barometer is by doing the very things that scare you. Fear is paralyzing, if you let it. Or, it will hold within it the seeds of great opportunity for you. It serves no useful purpose other than killing your dreams, or telling you to not put your hand on a red hot stove. Now you don't have to be logical about this, go after any fear. When you confront them you grow. It increases your inner barometer overall.

Seems simple doesn't it? But we choose to stay stuck and let our fears hold us back.

What about talents? You may feel you lack certain skills or pre-dispositions. Or worse yet, you bought into the biggest lie, that you had be "born with" talent or skills. This I am happy to report to you this is one of the biggest lies ever uttered by pompous, never-well-meaning and arrogant misguided souls. It's used by these poor, self-absorbed windbags to try and push you down and hold you back.

Don't buy it for a second.

I will concede that people are born with certain pre-dispositions, such as body types that may be suitable for athletics and if you are born blind you may never take up career as a pilot, but these are the exceptions to the rule. And even so, many people have done incredible feats in spite of serious setbacks.

The idea that you are born a certain way is preposterous. It's a load of crap who's time has come to an end. You can do and be anything you want. If you want it. You get good at something by getting good. It's that simple. It takes work. That's why so many hang their hat on the "I-wasn't-born-with-it excuse".

They're lazy.

Everybody wants to be rich or famous but few are willing to do whatever is necessary to get there. If you want to learn or enhance a new skill start it now, and learn it every day, day after day and you will get good.

And keep learning new things. It's good for the brain. Keeps you young and vibrant. When you learn new things don't give up because it seems hard at first. Every new skill, new passage has the same basic steps it must follow:

* unconscious incompetence, where you suck at it and you don't even know you suck at it.
* conscious competence, where you suck at it but at least you know you suck at it.
* conscious competence, where you are good at it and you know it, you have to make conscious effort to maintain that level of being good at it, and finally.....
* unconscious competence, mastery, where you seem to have that natural talent. It just flows. This is where others will tell you you are born with it. Like as if it was that easy.

Another one of the great, often ignored success principles is that of total responsibility. Always take the position that everything that happens in your life is all your fault. I'm serious on this. This will keep you sharp and in the right mindset, never defaulting to blaming. So what, success seems to happen to others.

On the outside this may certainly seem so, but if we look deeper we will find years of struggle and effort. And always a vision. If you want to succeed you must have your own vision. If you offer up excuses you're being a pessimistic, negative cry baby and nobody likes a cry baby.

If you see success in someone else ask them how they did it, and listen, I mean really listen. There's gold in the answers. Likewise, never take advice from anyone who hasn't been there. Let me finish with a few quotes that I have pasted by my desk. I think they are applicable to my message in this article:

"Most people waste their entire lives trying desperately to "get out of"
or avoid exactly what is required for success and happiness."
Dan Kennedy

"You are what you think."

"The mind is always sharpest when there is a hanging at dawn."

"YCDBSOYA (you can't do business sitting on your ass)"
Dan Kennedy

yours in photography,
Robert Provencher

Thank You Rob for letting me share this with my crafty friends!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Enchanted Evening ***SWIRLYDOOS***

When we asked our subscribers at Swirlydoos what new technique they wanted to learn...On the top of the list was Metal from Ten Seconds Studio. They all want to think outside the box...And they are a creative bunch!! So Krissy put together a fabulous add on Ten Seconds Studio Metal Technique Add On Kit. We are hooked!! It is so awesome. After seeing Bonnie's (LaBonita) metal embellies , I couldn't wait to give it a try. So I found a cheap plastic stencil I bought a few years ago and used it as a guide for my metal dragonfly. The roses were made from a Ten Seconds Studio Kabuka mold. I just cut them out individually as well as the leaves. And the strip was done using a mold TSS mold also. The metal is awesome and comes in some really cool colors, I used Pink for the roses and Appletini for the leaves. I burnished (sanded) it lightly as to leave most of the color...I did a tutorial at Swirlydoos using the kit. The photo is my son and daughter in law on their wedding day. Taken during their 1st dance.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's out...The February kit from Swirlydoos..."From Venice with Love"!! And oh how gorgeous it is. I was a couple of days late for reveal day, my computer temporarily lost everything..Including my beloved Photoshop and all the actions and brushes I have collected all these years. (No worry, everything is backed up...I hope). Then I couldn't find the cord to my camera to upload the pictures that were just sitting in it...And Life just managed to get in the way again. Work....Geesh...I miss the days of being a stay at home mom. I was fortunate to have done that for 8 years!! Not that I dont love my job at the hospital (it gives me a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction), but I would much rather be at home managing blogs, scrapping, designing, and just......being home. I loved working wit this kit. I am not done yet. I can squeeze a couple more out. Unless the March kit comes soon...I cant wait for that one. With CHA behind us, The Swirly Girls are all excited about all of the new stuff that will be packed in the kits!! NEW PRODUCT!!!! How excited that makes me...The smell of new paper is addicting. Love that beautiful fix month after wonderful month!!!! Head on over to Swirlydoos and see what the rest of the Design Team as well as the Swirly Girls are doing with Venice!! I think you are going to like it!!