Monday, October 17, 2011

Porcelain Petals Flower Tutorial

First of all. thank you Joyce for the suggestion for the wonderful name for the flowers. Porcelain Petals it is..Thank you LisaN, Regina, LisaV, Kathy, Jackie, Patricia (PG), and Lynda for the other name suggestions..I have them in the flower memory bank...I will need them you know...

Card stock
soft chalk ink
McGill Paper Blossoms Paper Tool Kit
McGill Paper Blossoms Molding Mat
McGill Medium Pear Punch
McGill Sun Punch
Punch Bunch Small Hydra Cluster punch
Ranger ink foam applicator
adhesive of your choice

Punch out 8 pear shapes, 6 stars and 8 tiny flowers.

Lightly ink the narrow end of the pear petals.

Using 8mm stylus press down on the petal (non inked side) and move around in a circular motion to soften the card stock making it easier to manipulate. The petal will curl.

Pinch the ends of the narrow side of the petal together(ink sides together) . Bend back the edges of the wider part of the petal slightly.

Your 8 petals should look like this. Set aside.

Using the same size stylus press down and using a circular motion until the sun shapes cups up.

Do this to 5 of the sun shapes and start pinching them into a tight bunch . Save one for the base.

Stack the sun shapes and fluff the stack when dry.

Start gluing the petals to the sun base. Glue 4 to the base as shown.

Then the other 4 petals in between for the second row.

Place your sun shaped middle to the center of your flower.

Using a small stylus, cup your tiny flowers.

Start gluing your tiny flowers to the outer edges of the sun flower middle.

Your flower is now complete.


scrapgala said...

c'est magnifique !!!! merci beaucoup

Shona said...

these are just gorgeous Lisa :)

Pendra said...

Thanks Lisa, another beautiful flower! Love them!

joyce said...

Wow, these look just like they were made with fine bone china. So pretty and delicate. Glad I could help out with the name. Thanks for sharing your techniques with us one does a flower like you do.

Katrin said...

Красивые цветы! спасибо!

Lizzyc said...

oh these are beautiful.. thanks for the tute...

Jax said...

Those are gorgeous, Lisa. Well worth the wait! Now to add those punches to my wish list...

pbhobby said...

Stunning flower !! I'll have to find a way to do them without the punch : I never saw them in France.

Thanks a lot for your kind comments :)

Priya said...

OMG! it soooo pretty.... thank u so much for d tutorial... will definitely try it...

Lynette said...

So beautiful and so delicate...well done in creating this and in sharing it with us.

Катя-Kate said...

What a nice tutorial! Thank you very much for sharing your experience, invention and knowledge!