Friday, May 30, 2008


So what about that "Lost" last night...OMG...Lots of surprises. Now only God knows how long we will have to wait until the next season. What a wonderful cliff hanger. The whole time warp theory is exciting and leaves open all kinds of possibilities, like Jacks dad Christian, I think he is still alive in another time and thats why he was seen on the island, maybe he goes back and forth. {Or is he the Angel of Death, remember he told Michael he could go now...hmmm...go where?? }...Does that mean that there is a possibility that characters like Boone, Shannon, Ana Lucia, and Mr.Echo and even Charlie are alive in another time and could be spared the fate that fell upon them on the Island. We know Sayid loses Nadia, but could he go back in time and get her back, or maybe even get together with Shannon again...Crazy...Which brings us to the final scene of lasts nights season finale...Ben confronting bearded Jack over Locke's body. It seems the Oceanic Six will indeed have to return to the island. But the trick, according to Ben, is that they all must go back, including Locke. Sayid and Hurley shouldn't be a problem -- Sayid busted Hurley out of the mental ward. Kate is angry with Jack, but she's sane enough to be bargained with. Even Locke won't be too much trouble -- we've all seen the wonders you can do with a corpse in the "Weekend at Bernie's" movies. But in one of the most surprising twists, it seems Sun may have flipped to the dark side. After wrestling control of her father's company, we see her meeting up with the evil, evil Charles Widmore in London. It seems Jin's apparent death was too much for her. She's out to get Ben. And what that means for Jack and company remains to be seen. Stay tuned till....2009???? ugh...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Baby Turkey

Some kids come home with stray cats or dogs. Mine finds a baby turkey on our lanai... It was so cute!!

My Daddy

This is a photo I shot of my dad. We had a wonderful afternoon at the marina in Cape Harbour where my parents live.



Backyard photo session with my daughter

This was an impromptu photo session with my daughter. She was ready to go out with friends and I begged her to pose for a few photos as the late afternoon light was perfect!! The "Magic Hour"...