Sunday, October 31, 2010

Paper Corner Punch Decorative Circles

We have a new feature at Swirlydoos. Video Tutorials. For those of you who are visuals. I will no longer be doing photo tutorials for most of our techniques. I will present them in Video Format. I hope you enjoy this tutorial. I had fun creating it. This version is unedited. I was told to leave it the way it is, as I will remember how I got started. And who knows where I am headed. It's all good. I may convert some of my flower photo tutorials to video. Let me know what you would like to see. I just may cover it!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Are you passionate about Scrapbooking? Do you enjoy teaching and inspiring other crafters? Can you gab with the best of us? Swirlydoos Kit Club is looking to add amazing talent to our outstanding Design Team for a 6 month term that will run from our January, 2011 kit to our June, 2011 kit. We will be adding 2 fabulously creative Designers who are energetic, outgoing, talented, versatile individuals who are committed to the beautiful art of scrapbooking.

Design Team Requirements

* Check in to the forums daily, including and especially the Design Team forum. It is the responsibility of our talented and involved designers to keep the forum going by creating new posts, replying to posts and helping our awesome members with any questions they may have or help they might need in learning new techniques etc.
* Visit the gallery and leave comments on ALL newly uploaded layouts and projects.
* Proudly post Swirlydoos banners, logos and blinkies wherever you can without getting yourself into trouble.
* Always give your input on future kits! We happily accept kit/product suggestions from all of our wonderful members and Designers. Your input is very welcome here.
* Design with your kit! You must complete at LEAST 4-5 layouts-projects and as many cards etc as you can. Your layouts-projects MUST be uploaded into the appropriate section of the DT gallery ON reveal day. Upload your lovely projects into all online galleries, personal blogs, facebook etc that you may be associated with.
* Designers pass the love around by teaching classes through photo or video tutorials (a minimum of 2 during your term) and add content to our tips and tricks area in the forums on a regular basis.
* Designers create and complete Swirlydoos blog posts as per a schedule worked out with the DT Coordinator.
* Swirlydoos designers may not design, work for or guest design for any competitor kit clubs. Designing for blogs, local scrapbook shops and manufacturers are permitted and encouraged.
* We require that our Designers give as much attention to our members and their inspiration as possible. ALL Designers are expected to move right in and make themselves a very active part of our family.
If you are considering applying for a position as a Swirlydoos Designer, please think about the amount of time that will be required to fulfill your DT requirements.

What Swirlydoos can offer you

* You will receive a Swirlydoos Main kit - free of charge every month during your design term.

* You will have first dibbs on all add ons. Add ons will be priced at 50% off for all designers. (you do not have to order the add ons if you do not wish to get them).

* You will have a personalized coupon for use in our store during your design term. This coupon will be worth 50% off all purchases made through the store.

* We often have manufacturers looking for images of projects completed using their products. We always give them DT images first.

* Your bio, artwork, and gallery will be spotlighted on Swirlydoos.

* A great opportunity to work with a fun team, get to know lots of wonderful people while enjoying this hobby we all treasure so much.

How to Apply

Send your application to

Florabella Textures

I have been playing with Florabella Textures and actions for some time. Textures Set III is in the works, and I am very excited!! These are my entries to apply as a tester. You had to use Texture Sets I and II.
I think Florabella are my all time favorite for textures and actions!! Using Florabella on your photo's is like adding Emeril's Essence to your food...Bamm!!!! It is the crowning Glory!!!

White Linen

Vintage Teal VT7 converted to B/W




Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Coming soon to Swirlydoos***Video Tutorials***

OK, by George I think I've got it!!!! I just completed my very first video tutorial!! And stay tuned because reveal day at Swirlydoos is only 5 days away. Check the Tutorials section, because that is where it will air on reveal day!! I am so excited to be bringing you live classes on techniques that you may want to learn. So if anyone has suggestions on what they would like to see, let me know because every month I will try to get a video up!! Or maybe 2!! Here is a sneak peek of the elegant circle I will teach you how to create!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

My Garden Angels

Summer is over ..For the most part. We do have 4 seasons in Florida...Summer, Summer, Summer...And well, Summer. I have these little garden Angels that hang out in the pots in my yard. I am getting ready to plant new gatherings for the season, so my pots are empty at the moment. Except for my Garden Angels. They seem a bit disheveled, and lost. But that just adds to their appeal. I could not help but take some photo's of them. And they were perfect for the Round Robin Challenge over at Swirlydoos. I followed Amy and Cheryl, and I was excited!! So here are my dirty little angels in all of their glory..Happy in my little garden...

I created the letters in Microsoft word and cut them out.The butterflies were scanned from a past Swirlydoo Websters Pages paper and printed out on cardstock.

The flowers were all made from Organza Fabric and Ribbon. Follow my tutorials for instructions on making them. The vine can also be found here at Swirlydoos, along with some other leaves I had scanned from Websters pager quite some time ago.

The blue flower was made from cuting a Bazzil paper flower in half, then folding the piece in half and finishing with a piece of edge punch.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Heartfelt Creations Reveal

It is reveal Day at Heartfelt Creations. Check out what the designers and I did this week with the wonderful stamps.

Pumpkin/Autumn Vines PreCut Set
Product ID: HCPC 3329
HCPC 3329 Pumpkin/Autumn Vines PreCut Set
Stamp the pumpkins and cut them out with the Pumpkin Nestabilities
This Stamp Set is Pre-Cut on the EZ-Mount foam, and ready to use with the Acrylic Blocks.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Pumpkins***Heartfelt Creations***

This is a design Team LO for Heartfelt Creations. Their stamps are just so beautiful.And I am honored to be a part of their team. I used the pumpkin stamp, and the very cool thing about a lot of their stamps is that they coordinate with Spellbinders dies. How cool is that, just die cut and stamp. The photo is my good friends little one at the pumpkin patch. Daddy took the photo and I post processed in Photoshop CS3 to match the papers. I used actions and filters to give it a distressed old world grungy look. Then I gave him wings using butterfly a butterfly brush.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

One- Photo Collage Technique

Check back soon, because this is going to be the next Photoshop Tutorial at Swirlydoos...All you need is 1 photo and Photoshop.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Scrapbook Resume

OK, so I am need of a scrapbook work resume. I do have a very unorganized one on anyone have any suggestions of how and where to create one???

Saturday, October 9, 2010

In Dreams We Escape

This is the latest LO created with Swirlydoos October kit "Lavender Escape"

Here are the closeups
The flowers were created with the Tim Holtz Tattered Flowers Sizzix die. I used cream cardstock from the add on kit and misted with Glimmer Mist and Moonshadow Mist. If you have never used Moonshadow Mist, the spray is wonderful. We got a bottle in our technique add on kit last month and let me tell you, the colors bleed in different iridescent shades so beautifully. I need more!!! I just love the acetate doilies that were in the kit. I cut one apart in this LO. I did some edge tearing with peekaboo edge punched lace. This kit is just so versatile and beautiful!! The photo is my daughter who is living her dream right now by attending Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts. My future Top Chef!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Swirly Sweetheart Daisy

I have gotten a lot of feedback for the previous flower tutorial I did, and the biggest question is "What if I don't have that punch"?. Well here is another version, closer to the Prima Eliza flower. I just used my scallop circle punch and cut between the scallops for the large flower and my medium Retro punch to make the rose flower middles. So many possibilities for these flowers. You could use anything for the centers. Bottons would be cute, and you could use the tiny roses if you didn't want to make your own.

Product list

*Scallop Circle punch. 2 inch is a good size
*Medium Retro Flower punch
*Tulip Puffy Paint
*Heat gun
*tweezers (long handle) optional
*Thin handle paint brush or skewer
*ink pad (coordinate color with card stock color used for
flower center)
*Cardstock in 2 colors, one light for flower, the other your
choice color for flower center color.
*adhesive of your choice
*Spray bottle with water (mini misters are wonderful)

Punch 2 scalloped circles.

Using your ink, soflty rub some onto the center of each flower (you may want to use an ink blender, I used the Tim Holtz foam one)

Using scissors cut between each scallop as shown, be careful not to cut to deeply towards the middle.

Very lightly mist your flowers with water and curl them around the end of your paintbrush handle to distress them . You can speed dry them with your heat gun or let them air dry.

Open up the 2 flowers. Set aside.

With your small flower punch, punch out 5 flowers.

Using the thin end of your paint brush or skewer, curl the petals of 2 of the blooms from the side of the petal inwards. Curl the other 3 blooms from the tips of the petals inward.

Place a small amount of glue at the base of each side curled petal and shape then onto each other to get a tight bud as shown. The glue will help the bud stay closed.
Place that closed bud onto the other side curled bloom and fold it onto the closed bud. This is your closed center.

Place glue at the base and the middles of the remaining blooms and place the center bud in the middle of the blooms remembering to stagger the petals. Hold in place for a minute if you are using quick dry glue.

Glue the 2 layers together staggering petals then add the rose to the middle.

Apply the Tulip Puffy paint to the tips of the petals as shown.

When the paint is dry, using constant motion, heat the paint and watch it puff up. Be careful not to burn either the paint or paper.

I had a lot of feed back from my last tutorial.
Here are some variations of the flower. I used the same center as in the previous flower tutorial. Mix and match...You can also lightly ink the edges of the petals.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

***New Flower Tutorial*** Contest Winner name!! "Savage Beauties"

I thought it was time for another flower tutorial for Swirlydoos, and I have 2 more up my sleeve. I was inspired by Prima's new Vivian Eliza flowers. I just had to create my own version. So here they are, and any one that comes up with a great name for them, and I choose that name, I will send you a custom pack of 3 of the yet to be named hand made flowers.
You must leave your suggested name here at Swirlydoos
So head on over to Swirlydoos and name that flower!!
I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.
Product List

*Flower Punches in 2 sizes Large and Small similar to the ones shown (or electronic die cuts) the small one should have more than 5 petals for a fluffy effect
*Tulip Puffy Paint
*Heat gun
*tweezers (long handle) optional
*ink pad (coordinate color with misting spray)
* Glimmer Mist, Smooch, Moon Mist etc...(coordinate color with ink)
*adhesive of your choice (not shown)
*Spray bottle with water (mini misters are wonderful)
*tiny brads

Punch 2 of the larger flowers and 7 of the smaller flowers. I used the cream colored Bazzill cardstock from our add on card stock kit this month.

With your ink, just ink the middle of the larger flowers, just going slightly out towards the petals, but not to the tips.
Then spray your smaller flowers on both sides with your choise of color spray. I used Glimmer Mist in 2 colors.

While the smaller flowers are still slightly damp from your misting, start stacking them onto your brad staggering each flower as you go.
If they are dry, you can mist them slightly with your water mister'
Secure your brad.

Now starting with the top layer, gather your petals together and start pinching them upwards as shown, taking one layer at a time.

When you have pinched up the last layer, squish it slightly on top so that you are smashing the petals, and they will naturally curl inwards.

I scrunched one more than the other. You could take the petals apart a little for a looser effect.

Mist your larger flowers slighting with water and scrunch your petals to distress them a bit. I accordion pinch the petals slightly. Let them dry completely.

Glue the 2 flowers together staggering your petals. Then twist the top flower petals slightly for more dimension.

Now glue your smaller flower clusters to the middle of your larger flower.

Using your Tulip Puffy Paint, following the outline of your larger flower petals, squeeze the paint on the very edges of the petal in a thin line as shown. This is where the tweezers come in handy to rotate the flower as you go along the edges. Does not have to be perfect. The imperfections will really give it character.

Now, let the puffy paint dry slightly, 15 minutes or so. Then very carefully take your heat gun to the edges of the petals and using constant motion while your heat drying, watch the paint start to puff!! But be very careful, don't get to close or the paint or the paper will burn!!
When it is dry and cooled down, just touch the paint with a very small amount of ink. Just a touch.


Just a few angles of the 3 I did. they really are fast and easy!! Have fun and show me what you can do!!