Thursday, August 27, 2015

Dusty Attic "Perfection" Layout using the Dusty Attic Inspiration Board

 Hello Dusty Attic Lovers!! Oh,  the summer has been brutal this last month here in Florida with temperatures reaching almost 100 all month long...I only dream of the cool crisp breezes of Autumn. I picked out some Fall inspired colors from my Dusty In Colour paint collections, and ran with it!! I collected papers, trim, buttons and even created a hair band for my sweet grand daughter to match the layout. Then I picked out the chip board. Leafy Stems, a scroll and the "Perfect" title... I can almost smell pumpkin pie spice in the air!!! I chose 3 colors from the inspiration board,  the green from the photo and the word "nature" and "Imperial" for the feeling.

I painted the Perfection title with Dusty In Color Sunshine, and just dabbed on a bit of Dusty In colour Sunburnt Orange.

I painted the scroll with Dusty In Color Pesto and dabbed on a bit of Sunshine while it was still wet, so that it blended well.  I dabbed some Sunshine around the layout touching the edges of the curled paper and card board,

I love that sometimes to get a wispy look, you can wet your Dusty Attic Chipboard and pull apart the layers creating more pieces. I cut the Leafy Stems apart, then peeled away the layers. I painted them in Pesto, dabbing on some Forrest, then painting the berries in Raisin. I found these awesome little pearls called Mini Prills. They are kind of like micro beads but are pearl like accents in different sizes.  I adhered them to the middle of the berries. I also adhered some to the middles of my hand made flowers.

This layout is very dimensional. Lots of layers created with bits of corrugated cardboard.

Here is a close up of the flowers I created. I made the frilly middles to lighten up the design.

This is a close up of the banner. The little flowers were punched out from patterned paper, layered then topped with  the Mini
Prills. They were then adhered to the hand cut banners and strung on jute, and to finish it off, I used some May Arts vine trim over the top edge.


                                                                Dusty in Colour Pesto

                                                              Dusty In Colour Raisin

                                                              Dusty In Colour Forrest

                                                      Dusty in Colour Sunburnt Orange

                                                                        Word Pack #9

                                                                       Leafy Stems #2

Till next time, 
Pour a little Dusty Attic onto to your next project...

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hush Little Baby Canvas

Hi Lindy's Stamp Gang Lovers!! I absolutely love the colors in the Color Challenge this month, so I had to work with them again!! This time, I chose  3 of the colors. I omitted the Poinciana Red Flame and the Ramblin' Rose, 2 beautiful colors that I used for my last  Color Challenge Reveal this month using the August 2015 Color Challenge Spray Set. They compliment each other so well. That is the joy of  the Lindy's Color Challenge inspiration board, as the colors are coordinated for you.
Another huge inspiration was taking Anna Dabrowska's (Finnibair) OverEmotional class last Friday. I use bits of leftover lace and canvas from my workshop, on this canvas. Instead of the metal embellishments we used in the workshop, I used Dusty Attic Chipboard!! Oh the love...
I created this canvas dreaming of the colors of the sea, but with a touch of violet. I adhered lace and strips of canvas to my canvas board. Once dried, I painted on gesso to coat well. Then I did some random texturing  using crackle paste and a stencil. I also painted my embellishments with gesso to coat the Dusty Attic Chipboard frame, peacock feather and flowers.

Once the flowers and chipboard were adhered to the canvas, I sprayed the canvas with water and began to spray on my colors letting them drip and run until I was satisfied with the blending.

 I did not adhere the frame totally until my canvas was completely colored. Then I slipped the photo under it when the canvas  was done and then adhered it permanently.

I simply love the blue and violet together. The splash of green ties it all together.The Dusty Attic flowers were an olive color before I primed them with gesso and sprayed them concentrating the French Lilac Violet over them.

The canvas is very textural. I plan on framing it to hang in a shadow box. I love the wispyness (is that a word??) of the peacock feather. I think it softens the whole page.

 Here is a closeup of the masking design using crackle paste. I love how the Lindys spray colors settles in the cracks.

I didn't have to do anything to the Dusty Attic peacock feather other than giving it a good coat of white gesso before adhering it to the canvas, The sprays colored it beautifully.

Lindys Colors Used:

Thank you for joining me here. I hope you join in the Lindys Stamp Gang Color Challenge with us this month.


Saturday, August 8, 2015

OverEmotional Canvas Class with Anna Dabrowska at Whim So Doodle

 It was a wonderful day!! Spending the day with Maria and Anna could not have been any more creative!! When Maria and I heard Anna was coming to our favorite Scrapbook store,  WhimSoDoodle., and we found out which classes were being offered, we weren't disappointed, but we wanted OverEmotional!!! So I chatted with Anna to see if she would do this class instead, and she told me it was up to the store owner. So I emailed Jill (the owner) and told Maria to do the same, and together we got the class changed!!!!Thank you Anna for being so flexible!!! And thank you Jill for listening to the NEEDS  WANTS sorry,WISHES of the customer!!!
Here is my double Canvas, which I titled, Collect Moments.  I chose to connect my canvas to make it one.

Using lots of Primas  Mechanicals, art mediums, and stamps that Anna designed.

Bits of lace and canvas strips on the canvas for texture.

Prima Flowers can never escape any of my projects!!

Each different cluster is like a work of art on its own.

Layering the Mechanicals gives you different designs. oops, I just noticed one of my small roses popped off. Must be in my

The flowers Mechanicals have got to be my favorite!! Yes, I left the store with a few more packs.

Drips of hot glue that I first learned to do from Vivian Sung Soon Keh-Hue. 

My dear friend Maria working on her fabulous canvas!! Yes, we were partners in crime when shopping afterwards. Maria would ask "Do I need this??"..."Yes Maria, you need it. Just throw it in your basket"! sssshhhhhh.....

Anna telling us to stand back from your work to check your composition. NOT to work this close!!

 Anna, showing us the finer details on how it is done.

Here is our group shot. It was amazing to see the diffent designs and colors that each artist produced. Each very unique and beautiful!!

When class was over, Maria and I ventured over to Mazzaros Italian Market, for the panini of the day!!! Yum!!! The Italian Caprese!! While in St.Pete, you must EAT!!!  Just love visiting downtown St.Petersberg!!

LUNCH from the sandwich counter!!

DESSERT from the bakery!! 

and of course SHOPPING!!!

Thank you for stopping by to take a peek. I'm busting out my art mediums, (yes I bought every medium Anna uses!!) my Dusty Attic chipboard, my Lindys Stamps Gang colors and scrapping on this VERY rainy day in Florida. 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Lindys Stamp Gang 2015 August Color Challenge

 What a better way to introduce to you the newest addition to our family, than by creating a layout using some of the gorgeous colors of the Lindys Stamp Gang Color Challenge this month . Charlotte Rose. My daughter gave birth to this precious little girl on Wednesday July 28th 2015. Perfect in every way... So happy to have the gorgeous colors and even greater that it includes PINK!!!!

 I started by adhering my patterned paper to a piece of corrugated cardboard for stability. I brushed it with clear gesso to give it a good "bite" for my sprays. This prevents warping of the paper. Using a natural sea sponge and a non stick craft mat, I sprayed the mat with a couple of spritzes of water, then the Luscious Lime Flat Fabio Spray, dipped my sea sponge into the puddle and sponged some color on my background paper. I did the same with Poincianna Red Flame Starburst Spray. I then dipped a butterfly stamp into the spray and stamped a few places.

I die cut some lacy leaves from white watercolor paper then sprayed them with  Luscious Lime Flat Fabio Spray. I tucked them under the flowers.

I stamped some butterflies onto Prima patterned paper, cut them out, sprayed the bottom layer with Lindys, then layered the 2 pieces shaping the wire thread from Prima as the body, and adding the pearls on top. 

The roses were all hand rolled by cutting out spirals of white watercolor paper, spraying it with Ramblin Rose Starburst Spray and a touch of  Poincianna Red Flame Starburst Spray. 
What a gorgeous color it created.  Kind of like a deep rosy coral!! I love mixing the colors sometimes!!

The big pink flower was once a beige silk flower. I sprayed it with water, then wicked the  Poincianna Red Flame Starburst Spray with a touch of Ramblin Rose Starburst Spray while the flowers were still wet, Love the effect of the darker color towards the edges of the petals.  The open faced flowers were pink in color but I enhanced the color with the Ramblin Rose Starburst Spray.
Then dry brushed on some white gesso for a little texture.

I used some of the Prima Wire thread to frame the photo. The Dusty Attic Beautiful chipboard was primed with gesso and while it was still wet I sprayed on some  Luscious Lime Flat Fabio Spray
The 2 doilies in the background were also white and I sprayed them as well. 

Here is just another closeup of the different flowers and the other butterfly. I love creating these layered butterflies!! I have so many ideas to use different styles!!

Color Challenge Colors:

Thank you for joining me today and allowing to share my joyful news and present you with my take on the Color Challenge. Wont you join us this month?? A little art and some gorgeous Lindys color is all you need!! See the rules HERE.