Friday, August 22, 2008

Well tomorrow is the day...August 23, 2008...A once in a lifetime event!! The 1st ever WorldWide Photowalk. Created and set up by none other than the Photoshop Guru himself Scott Kelby!! And I have the distinct honor to tour with his group!! I will also officially be in Rod Harlans group in the downtown historic Safety Harbor, Florida, Its where I work...If any of you are Photoshop die hard users, than you know about this history making event!! It is going to be an exciting day. Of course Dear Faye will determine sunshine or not, but either way I will not let her get in my way. The event is world wide, is anyone registered to go on a walk in your area???My brother may be doing the Las Vegas PhotoWalk. I cant wait to see what all of these worlwide photographers produce..What fun!!! Here is the link to learn about this event...It may not be to late to sign up in your area!! Give it a photographic shot!!! Lisa aka StarSailorScrapper

Monday, August 11, 2008

My Dad, sister and brothers gave my Mom a surprise birthday party last weekend. This is us together after a lot of partying!! She sure was surprised!!

My cousins little girl, LilyAna.

My cousins little one trying to beat the heat by my parents pool.