Monday, January 23, 2012

Coffee Filter Spiral Roses

These are the easiest flowers to make with lots of tutorials on web. I had scraps and did the blue flowers in this LO to use as a fill in, then got lots of requests on how to make them. Here is the tutorial. You can use cardstock, paper or coffee filters.

Product List:
Coffee filters
adhesive of your choice
Glimmer Mist or any color sprays
non stick craft mat

Cut a circle shape from the coffee filter.

Cut a spiral shape into the circle as shown. Leave a portion intact in the middle to use as the base. Lay the cut out spirals on a craft mat and spray with color.

Bend and crease back the edges on the outer portion of the circle. This will make it easier for the next step.

Starting with the outer edge of your cut spiral, using the handle of a thin paint brush or skewer, start rolling the spiral with the creased back edges to the outside.

When your spiral is rolled to the end, let the middle piece flap up as shown.

Place the adhesive into and around the base of the rose.

Fold your flap over and onto the base of the rose pressing gently to secure the flap.

This is your finished rose.

These were sprayed with different colored Glimmer Mist.

Just a few more colors.


  1. Beautiful and looks so simple . Love all your tutorials they are so easy to follow . Thanks for sharing

  2. These are gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing your tutorial!

  3. Wow, Lisa, These are so gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing your tutorial!! ~ Blessings

  4. thank you for sharing these beautiful roses...

  5. Beautiful~ I must try these!!! Ty!!!!

  6. One of my favorite flowers!!! I have never tried them with coffee are a doll for all you do!

  7. Still a very nice tutorial
    Thank you for sharing your tutorial
    - MAODREN -

  8. Love these... I think the filter is more pliable too... Makes it easier to bend and fold to your liking...

  9. Gorgeous and a great tutorial.
    Thanks for sharing!


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