Saturday, July 16, 2011


I found a tutorial for cherry blossoms in a book I have to make paper flowers. Then Rae pointed us towards a store that was selling the punches I needed. (Thanks a bunch Rae!Link!) Tracey may still have a few more sets in her STORE!! And she ships quickly!! So what to my punch wondering eyes did I see?? The whole set for the price of just 1 punch!! So here are my step by step instructions to make these gorgeous little Cherry Blossoms. They are about the size of a nickel. Great for fillers and vines.

Product List
Punch Bunch Small Blossom
Punch Bunch Small Splat
Punch Bunch Small Sunflower
Punch Bunch Mini Sun
McGill Molding Mat
McGill Tool kit
Black marker
Quick Dry Glue
card stock

Punch 2 blossoms, 1 splat, 1 sun and 1 sunflower.

Make cuts between each petal of blossoms as shown. Do not cut to the middle.

Color the tips of the sunflower and then cut each petal in half.

Using a small ball tool, use a circular motion to soften and curve the flower.

Do this to the splat piece as well.

Do this to the sunflower as well. Then pinch bottom to make a tight cup shape.

Adhere both blossom layers together staggering petals.

Adhere the splat piece on top.

Adhere the small sun onto the top of your flower piece.

Glue your cupped sunflower over the sun in the middle of flower.

here are a bunch of the cherry blossoms.

I wrapped pipe cleaners with brown floral tape and created a vine similar to that of a cherry blossom branch. I just Googled images for an idea for the shape. Then I just clustered the flowers onto the branch to create my Cherry blossom Blooming branch. This flower was very easy to do. Hope you enjoyed another flower tutorial.
note: The smaller flowers were made with extra sunflowers and suns that I punched out.I just layered 2 of each. They are tiny but oh so cute!


  1. wow they are so gorgeous I love them :) I will have to try them when I free up some time hehe

  2. wow! another stunning flower. You will never run out of ideas. Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. these are so beautiful!! thanks for sharing this tut, AND the link to the punches!!!

  4. Lisa, your work is incredible..your flowers are to die for and I just want to thank you for sharing your talent and know-how with us. I made some of your flowers this weekend and right now they are my favoritest flowers ever!! Thank you...they always look so real!! :))

  5. oh these are so cute. and you are so clever in making them...thanks for sharing..

  6. Another AWESOME tutorial Lisa!! :)

    What a great idea to use pipe cleaner! It's cheaper and easier to bend. Your photos and descriptions are PERFECT as always!

    Thank you so much for the link to my store. I still use your GORGEOUS butterflies on my site! I love 'em!

    Have an awesome weekend Lisa!

    God bless & big, big hugs...


  7. So gorgeous!!!Thanks for sharing!

  8. Lisa thanks so much for this wonderful tutorial. I so loved it and went to the link and ordered my own set of punches. Yours look awesome.

  9. These are so cute... love that you shared how you did them! Thanks!

  10. Those are beautiful, thanks for sharing the tutorial! You are extremely talented!!! And your work is gorgeous!!

  11. Love all these tiny cherry blossoms!

  12. WOW! Love this branch. SO pretty. Kerry

  13. Lisa thank you for this tutorial
    Your cherry blossoms are beautiful. I use them to make a page on my little Esteban

  14. замечательные цветы! у меня тоже есть такая книжка:-) но я еще не все цветы опробовала. вы меня вдохновили, надо будет тоже сжелать подобную красоту:-)

  15. I love love love cherry blossoms...and your tutorials are so informative...this is awesome...


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