Monday, November 2, 2009

Paper Bag Flower Tutorial

There is a new tutorial over at SWIRLYDOOS...It is for a flower made from paper bags. Though you could use mulberry paper, coffee filters, or just your favorite paper. The paper that Krissy wraps our scrapbook kit in before she places it in the packaging box is a wonderful slightly shiny thinner paper bag. Not rough like a grocery bag. I love it and have even made great ruffles with this paper. Glimmer Mist works so well on coffee filters. The colors are amazing!! So go check out the Paper Bag Flowers, and try your own. Hit me up if you do, I would love to see what you came up with!!

1. Any die that will give you a
flower petal, or you can hand cut your own. For the illustrated flowers I used the small petal and flower center from the Sizzix Poinsettia Die.
2. Glue
3. Glimmer Mist
4. Something for the center of the
flower, brads, jewel centers, small flowers, small cardstock
roses, rhinestones, or buttons.
5. Coffee filters,
paper bags, (or any double sided paper. mulberry paper and cardstock may
be used)

Glimmer mist the whole coffee filter or paper bag and die cut or hand cut the petals. For one flower you will need 15 petals.
While the petals are still very slightly damp, twist the petals, then slightly unravel. You should have ripples in the petal. If the paper is still to wet, you will not get the wrinkle ripples, if the paper is bone dry, the paper may rip. Very very slightly damp works best. Then just grabbing the top tip of the petal, twist it so that the petals has a slight overlay towards the tip.
For the bottom layer, glue 8 petals together as shown with the folded tip on the outside of the flower. The next layer will have the remaining 7 petals. I used 2 smaller flowers for the middle. You can use a small flower punch like the Retro or Daisy punch for the middle, but this is just optional to add more dimension. If you will be using an alternative center, the smaller flowers are not necessary Now glue the 7 petal flower on top of the 8 petal flower. You can now twist the tips a little further to your liking. You can further distress it by inking the edges of the petals, by lightly brushing over the whole flower.
To finish your flower, you can use a variety of embellishments for the center. In Illustration 4, I used a small flower and a brad, in 5, I used a small coffee filter rose using Manda's cardstock tutorial over at Swirlydoos. In the last photo I used the pretty pearl metal centers from the Antique Linen Kit.

Note: Leaves can be done with the same petal you use for the flowers. Crease in the middle and ink the crease, Ink the sides and curl under and crunch slightly to get a real leaf look as in this illustration.


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Thank you for an other Awesome Tutorial!!!

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Lisa AWESOME!!! tfs ;)

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Lisa...this flower is beyond fab...I will have to try it soon...I love it! Thanx so much for the blog love....when someone with your talent enjoys my work I am so very touched....have a great day!

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Hey Girl, me again...just wanted to say how excited I am to see what you do with your cricut...I love your work so much and I know that you will open new doors to creativity for me...can't wait...also thanx for saying you would send the girls to me for inspiration on the mini...I am watching you tute grow and am so touched by your encouragemnt!!!!

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Stunning Lisa - now I can link and check out your fabulous work!