Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ribbon Rosebud Tutorial

Before we get started I have a couple of hints...
If you use wired ribbon, you could remove the ribbon as I did for this tutorial. Or you could remove the wire from just the bottom side of your bud.
Use a heavy duty thread that is not silky because with ribbon, it slips.
I use jewelry wire cutters and a 26 gauge craft wire.
Remember, the wider your ribbon, the more you need.
For tutorial purposes I used a 1 1/2 inch ribbon. So my measurements will be for that width.
All you need to know how to do is a running and whip stitch and knot..Easy...
Just relax and have fun...

~~~Tools and Supplies~~~
* scissors
* wire cutters (not Shown)
* craft wire (26 gauge is perfect)
* heavy thread (not a silky type)
* Tape measure or ruler
* sewing needle
* Floral tape (I love Martha Stewarts brand)
* Ribbon 1.5 - 2.5 in width works best. Variegated/Ombre and solids, wired or unwired.

Step 1
Cut the ribbon that you will be using for the bud part of your flower to 3 1/2 inches.

Step 2
Fold down the 2 edges of the ribbon to form a point (triangle shape). With your needle and thread sew a running stitch across the base catching the selvage in the back (both layers).

Step 3
Draw up your stitches tightly and knot.

Step 4
Cut a 5 1/2 inch length of your leave colored ribbon. Lay your bud about 2/3rds of the way on your ribbon as shown.You could do a tiny stay stitch to keep it in its place.

Step 5
Wrap the shorter piece of ribbon over the bud as shown. Notice I did a tiny stay stitch to keep the layer down.

Step 6
Now wrap (criss cross)the longer end over the shorter end as shown, The longer end will be your excess that will eventually become a part of your stem.I did another tiny stay stitch to keep it in it's place.You can leave the needle in this position.

Step 7
Sew another running stitch across the ribbon layers, making sure you catch the back as you sew. These layers will be a little bulky, thus the reason for the very strong thread.

Step 8
Draw up your stitches tightly to gather and then wrap the excess thread around the base a couple of times as shown. And knot off in the back. You should have a small tail of ribbon.

Step 9
Cut a length of floral tape. It is OK if you run out of tape before wrapping till the end. Just cut another piece and overlap your previous wrap, you will never tell the difference. It sticks really well as long as you stretch the tape as you go.

Step 10
Starting at the base of your floral bud, just covering the thread start wrapping the floral tape around tightly a couple of times to start. Remember with floral tape, you must stretch it as you go to get the tackiness and stretch needed to secure onto itself.

Step 11
Twist the ribbon as you wrap it with the floral tape to reduce the bulk of the stem. You could then attach some craft wire to extend the length of the stem and keep wrapping the wire until the whole length is covered with the floral tape. At this point your bud stem can be bent to the desired shape. At this point you could add leaves to the stem. I will be doing a tutorial on ribbon leaves in the future. But silk leaves would look beautiful with this bud.

I also create viney pieces by wrapping the floral tape around the wire, then wrapping the covered wire around a thin paint brush to make the curls. Stretch them out a bit and place in your arrangement. Here are some examples used on my last LO.


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