Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lily Flower Tutorial featuring Heartfelt Creations stamps

The lily's pictured above were made with the McGill Lily punch..But for those of you who do not have the punch, I created the tutorial using my Heartfelt Creations Lily Petals PreCut Set from the Perfect Petals Collection.
Lily Petals PreCut Set

Product List
McGill Lily Punch
McGill Starburst punch
McGill Crystal Punch
McGill's Paper Blossom Tool Kit
McGill CRAFT MOLDING MAT (not shown) a mouse pad will work as well if needed
Black Zig pen
heat tool
Glimmer Mist or color sprays
White Puffy Paint
Adhesive of your choice
Craft mat

If you are using the McGill Punch for the Lily, punch 6 petals of the size you want. In this tutorial , I will use Heartfelt Creations Stamps to show you a different way to achieve the same results. You could also cut your petals freehand as it is a simple shape. Stamp images of leaves. You will need 6 petals per flower.

After your petals are punched or diecut, Spray them with your favorite color mist using a lighter color and paint on a darker color at the base. Air dry, or use a heat gun to dry. If you are using the McGill punch, then you have to add the little dots onto your petals for a more realistic Lily. I just Googled Lily images for design placement and color.

Using a stylus, and circular motions, emboss until your petals curl slightly as shown in the picture.

Holding your petal between tweezers, fold up the petal and pinch the ends together.

Using your tweezers, Grip the sides of the petal and curl each side of the petals back.

Shape the petals by hand and start gluing the petals onto the base. Here I used the crystal punch as the base. But if you have a snowflake punch, you could use that as a base as well.

Glue all 6 petals onto the base to form your Lily.

Outline the flower petals with Puffy Paint. The thicker you put it on, the puffier it will be. For best results, let the paint air dry before you use your heat gun on it to to make the paint puff. Glue your stamen onto the middle of the flower. You can do this after the paint is puffed.

Here is the result of the finished flower after letting the paint dry for 30 minutes before puffing the paint with my heat gun. Be very careful not to burn the paint. Keep your gun moving and dont get to close.


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