Friday, June 17, 2011

Passing The Swirly Crown!!!

Hi everyone!!
I have received a few emails from many of you I just wanted to clarify your questions...

Well, these last few months have been a little rough, I didn't realize how much of a responsibility it was going to be settle my mother in laws estate. And then bring my father in law in to live with us. I try to spend time with him as much as I can, and that certainly has taken away from "me" time. Of course my "me" time is the time I spend in my scrap haven working on all kinds of stuff. I didn't realize that life would change so drastically for me. It would help if the rest of the family were active in my father in laws care and life, but they aren't. Steve and I seem to be the caretakers now, and find it very unfair to have to do it alone. When I am home, I keep my FIL company all day, feeling guilty if I lock my self away for a while. But really, that is not the problem, I can fix that. So between work, and caring for my father in law, I realize that my scrap life has been affected. I cannot believe that over 4 months have gone by in the blink of an eye. I really do lose track of time these days. and I realize that by all of these changes in my life, that it is affecting my role with Swirlydoos. And I apologize for that because I really need to have my finger on the pulse, so that Krissy and the Design Team can do their part with out worry or difficulty. Swirlydoos is a business and needs frontline people to stay on task to make it successful. I fear that with everything going on right now, I wouldnt be able to accomplish what the Team REALLY needs. I gave the DT coordinator position a shot (I thank Krissy for the chance!!) and have come to realize that I am unable to meet the needs of Swirlydoos in that position at this time. If I didn't have to work in my professional job, I would take the role and FLY with it!! But unfortunately, I don't have that luxury any more.Those were the best times. So I regretfully will take a step down from the DT Coordinator position, and just stay on the DT as I did before. I love SD's...I love Krissy!!...I love the girls!! I will continue to give it my all!!...I just cant coordinate it any more. I am definitely not burned out from scrapping, I am getting burnt out at work. And sad that it is affecting my fun time and I dont want my fun time to be compromised. Scrapping and creating is what I love to do.
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO......I have passed the DT Coordinator Crown to Lisa Valentine!!! That girl will rock the DT Coordinator role inside out and side to side!!! She has proven time after time that this role was made for her!! I will help Lisa any way I can and continue to give my all to Swirlydoos. After all, we are the best team in the Kit Club world!! (IMHO)
I would like to take this time to welcome Paulien and Maiko to the team..These girls are Crazy Mad Talented. And Congrats to Maiko for making the Prima Design Team. That is awesome!!!

So, I hope that clarifies my decision in my role at Swirlydoos. I am not going anywhere, just taking a back seat and enjoying the journey as I did before. I dont know what made some of you think I was leaving..Are you Crazy???!!! Swirlydoos is my second home!!! I love those girls!! I will just have more time to do other things that I didn't have time to do before. And my family is grateful for that.
Love and Hugs,


  1. oh i hope life can allow you to do the things that give you pleasure.. like scrapping.. it is hard as parents age and the roles reverse as far as the care giver goes.. i will look forward to any scrapping you share here.. you are so talented and a wonderful ambassador for swirlydoos..

  2. Remember Lisa, you will still need "time out" to scrap and create. I believe that without the deadlines we are going to see even more stunning work from you.

  3. well I think you are amazing and your creations are so inspirational...ty for pushing and guiding me into the direction that I feel is now my style. I look forward to many more lil works of art from you...and I know exactly what you mean about the estate..still working on one after almost a year and a half here..but it will get easier :)

  4. You did a fabulous job as DT Coordinator! I don't know how you do it all as is! We luv you! (hugs)

  5. Lisa you're amazing! That's all I need to will always be my scrappy hero u!!

  6. I respect your decision to care for an elderly parent... it is so difficult, but it can also be very rewarding. I believe that in the end we do not question whether we worked hard enough... we question whether we loved enough. It is the greatest gift that you can give another person. Remember to care for yourself and that definately means your art, you need to replenish to be able to give. Give YOURSELF PERMISSION! Hugs!

  7. You always do so much and are so caring. Definitely, be sure to give yourself time to play. Glad you will stil be with Swirlydoo's still.
    Hugz, Z


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