Friday, January 28, 2011

Peeled Paper Poppies Tutorial

***Product List***
McGill Starburst Punch
McGill Medium Geramium Punch
1 inch Circle Punch
Papertrey Ink card stock (110 pound weight)
Prima Eline Pearls or similar

Punch out 5 Geranium Petals, 1 circle and 2 Starburst.

Roll the petals around using your fingers to loosen the fibers in the paper. You will see the paper starting to separate.
Carefully separate the paper in half but do not separate it apart all of the way. Leave intact above the stem area.
Place a ring of glue around your punched circle.
Start placing the petals around the circle overlapping them a bit.
Evenly space your petals if they are not already.
Stack your Starburst punched pieces, staggering the petals slightly. You can add more then 2 layers for a fuller effect.

You can use the Eline Pearls or whatever you wish to place in the middles. Buttons, tiny flowers or brads. Have fun peeling paper!!


  1. You rock the flower world chica!
    Beautius! xo

  2. I LOVE finding a post from you on my reader. I always know there is going to be something beautiful and hopefully another one of your amazing flower tutorials. :-) Just wanted to pop in and thank you for following my blog and posting my candy. You inspire me---A LOT!

  3. You are truely a inspration. With your ideas and toots. Thank you for being you and all that you do! I have read your blog from front to back and see that your honesty and integraty are as true as your work. You have inspired me to give this blogging world a try. Hopefully one day mine will be as half as good as yours!! Thanks again :)

  4. WOW!!! I'm buying those punches right now. I'm speechless with your blog.Thank you so much for the amazing tutorials!

    Your flowers are amazing and your LO's stunning!
    LIM :)

  5. fantastic! YOu give such awesome instructions!!!

  6. I love Paper Trey! They have the coolest paper and love the ribbons!

  7. Love your blog, Lisa! I'm adding my name to your list of followers.

    Thanks for your encouragement regarding my new blog!

    Your poppies are simply gorgeous!!!


  8. I just discovered your blog; WOW! I love all the tutorials. These peeled paper poppies are fabulous! Thank you so much for showing us how to make them.
    Question: What font did you use in the title of your LO?


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