Saturday, January 15, 2011

***Anatomy Of A Beautiful Envelope Tutorial***

When Swirlydoos was hacked last year, a lot of tutorials were gone...Vanished in Cyber Space, but with the help of wonderful scrappers who saved the tutorials and my obsession with not deleting emails I have sent...Some tutorials have been saved. So here is one of them as I had an email asking if I still had the tutorial..Here you go...Thanks for requesting this one. I had long forgotten about it...This was my take on Prima packaging for their stamps.

*** Supply list ***
Card stock of your choice
ink pads
various stamps,(words, decorative borders, themes)
2 large eyelets
small 1/2 inch circle punch
7 inch piece of floss or fine jute
small scrap of cardstock
2.) Cut a piece of the card stock 10" by 8 1/2". Then cut a 2 1/2 inch strip off of the top of the cardstock. Take the 2 1/2 strip and bring the ends together without creasing the piece and slightly round the corners. When you open the strip you will have 2 perfectly round and even corners. See how I curved mine a little, I didnt want the curves flush with the sides of the body of the envelope. Now distress ink the edges of both pieces.
3.) Using your stamps decorate the flap (top) of your envelope. I used a word stamp. on one end, an image on the other end and smaler stamps that fill in the empty spaces. I used a couple of colors for the smaller stamps. Those colors will coordinate with the papers I will be using on a LO that I will use the envelope on. Then use your border stamps to edge the bottom piece and I used some flourishes for the corners. Use your creative imagination. I think embossing all of your images would be beautiful also. Carefully see the placement of the eyelets. Place the small circle you punched behind the eylet before you set it. If you will be placing a photo over the bottom part of the envelope then you do not have to set the bottom eyelet as it will cause bulk.
4.) This is a closeup of how your faux closure will look. Take the string and lifting the circle carefully, glue one end of the string behind it. When dry, tie in a figure 8 fashion. Do this step after your flap is glued to the bottom.

5.) Glue your faux flap over the bottom piece of cardstock. I only glued the very top and left the edges alone to give it that authentic look. Now tie your closure..You are done. Use it on a LO. Think about the decorative possibilities...I hope you enjoy making your own Beautiful Envelope Embellie!!

It goes great used on a background as seen in one of my past LO's.


  1. I want to try these pretty envelopes...will first have to add to my acrylic stamps.

  2. That is a gorgeous envelope & a lovely page. Must make one - thankyou for sharing.

  3. WOW!!!! Amazing!!! I will try this technique for sure! I love it!
    Your work is amazing!


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