Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sugared Letters Tutorial

I am always on the lookout to create tutorials for Swirlydoos. Well, I have a few Prima sugared letters left, and I really love them. I cant find them anywhere. I'm wondering if they even make them anymore. I would love for them to come in different colors. So I figured, they are easy enough to make. So here you go.

Product List.
1. Unfinished Chipboard letters
2. Acrylic paint in a light based color. Pastels work best.
3. Paint brush or dabber.
4. Rock Candy Stickles or Glossy Accents
5. Ink
5. Word stamps
6. Diamond Dust

Step 1.
Paint your letters using an even coat of paint. You may give it a second coat. Dry thoroughly.

Ink your stamp generously and lightly stamp your painted letters, being careful not to move the stamp around or rock it, as that will smudge your letters. Let dry thoroughly. If you like, you could take a dab of acrylic paint and use it like a wash over the stamped letters in random spots to give them a worn faded look.

Using Rock Candy Stickles ot glossy accents, paint your finished letter and while the stickles is still wet, dip it in the Diamond Dust lightly.

Step 4.
You may use a spray fixative to set your Diamond Dust. Make sure it is glossy and doesn't yellow. This step is optional. Have fun making letters to perfectly match your LO's.


  1. Absolutely stunning - you are so talented.

  2. I love your tutorials Lisa!! This is I have lots of chipboard letters that I don't know what to do with. I'm loving these..tfs!!

  3. Sweet! Love this tutorial, Lisa! Gotta get some Diamond Dust!

  4. Oh, I have plenty of chipboard letters in my stash. Great way to use them. Thanks for always sharing. Have a great weekend.
    Hugz, Z

  5. the stamp you used.

  6. Another awesome tutorial!! Thanks for sharing Lisa!! :) Hugs, Tracy

  7. Thank you for the wonderful tutorial. I love those prima letters so thanks for sharing this!

  8. What a wonderful Tute..Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us..
    Hugs :o)

  9. This is awesome...thanks so much for sharing!!!

  10. thank you so much for this tutorial lisa, i could never find those letters either and I just adore them. this is amazing. I just ordered some diamond dust so i can't wait to give these a try. Thankyou


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