Friday, December 9, 2011

Pointsettia Flower Tutorial

Product List:
Adhesive of your choice
Cardstock in color of your choice
Tulip Puffy Paint in white
water misting bottle
craft heat gun
craft non stick mat
chalk ink
Flower Soft
McGill Starburst punch
McGill Lily Mega Punch or Punch Bunch Lily Mega Punch (I used Punch Bunch for demo)
snowflake punch with 6 points

Punch out 6 largest petals, 6 of the next size down petals, and 3 of the second to smallest petals. Punch 3 snowflakes and remove every other point on one of the snowflakes. Also punch out 1 Starburst. (not shown). Ink the edges of the petals for depth, then mist them slightly and wrinkle the petals for texture. Let dry. Do not soak them or paper may tear.

Taking 1 of the snowflakes, glue a petal to each of the points on the snowflakes with the largest petals. Repeat the same for the next size down. And glue the smaller petals to the snowflake with 3 points.

Now layer the flower layers with the largest on the bottom, next size on top, making sure you stagger the petals.

Top it with the flower layer with 3 petals. Twist the petals slightly for more dimension.

Take your Starburst punched shape and dip the very ends in glue.

Now dip the glued ends into the flower soft to create the stamen.

You should end up with stamen that looks like this.

Fold up the ends of each stem leaving the bottom flat. Be careful not to scrunch the stamen or your Flower Soft will come off.

Glue the stamen into the middle of your flower.

You can stop at the last step, or you can give your poinsettia a snowy look by edging the petals with puffy paint. Let sit until dry.

I will also show you a white poinsettia variation. Edge with puffy paint and set aside to dry.

Once the puffy paint dries, hit it with a heat gun until the paint puffs. Be careful not to get to close or keep heat on one place to long or your puffy paint will burn. Once the paint is puffed, take Stickles in a sparkly icy color to give your flower sparkle. Star Dust is a perfect color. Another idea is to use Diamond Dust for an icy look. There are many possibilities to create beautiful pointsettias. Try a gorgeous pink/mauve color for victorian look. Being that there are 6 different sizes in the punch, you can create different sized flowers.

Come back on December 14th to see my flowers used on my reveal LO's for Swirlydoos.


  1. Perfection! The wrinkling effect works great!

  2. oh thank you for sharing these gorgeous flowers.. perfect timing for Christmas layouts.. they are so lovely!!

  3. Fantastic Lisa! I can't wait to give these a try. I love the use of the flower soft - another must have!


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