Thursday, September 15, 2011

Passion Daisy Tutorial.

This flower was totally inspired by Lisa Valentine (my Swirly Design Team Sister!!) . I had the dies in my stash for so long and never used them. Lisa makes a flower, and the ideas keep coming. Thanks Ms.Valentine. You got my flower mojo going!! Please go see the gorgeous Layout that Lisa did using the flowers that I found such an inspiration. It really is beautiful....And look for her tutorial on the flower.

Glimmer Mist
card stock white or cream
McGill stylus kit, or a ball stylus
Mcgill mat. or you could use a mouse pad
ink for distressing
Daisy flower die, I used Spellbinders
McGill Sun Punch

Die cut 2 large flowers, 2 smaller flowers and punch out 4 suns. I used Glimmer Mist in Mallard to enhance the blue card stock. I also sprayed one spritz of green color and Suede and swirled it around the craft mat to tone down and muddy the blue color a little. (not shown in the tutorial, but in the top photo). I also sprayed the light yellow sun shapes with a vibrant yellow Glimmer Mist and one spritz of Suede once again to tone down and antique the color.

Using a ball stylus in a circular motion, curl up the petals slightly on each petal of the large flowers.

Using the same motion on the 2 smaller flowers, after using a circular motion on a petal, do not lift your stylus, but drag the stylus towards the middle of the flower and this will force the petal to curl upwards and inward.

Both of your flowers should look like this. 2 small cupped flowers.

Using the stylus, using a circular motion, cup your sun shapes.

Your 4 sun shapes should be tightly cupped. This will make the next few steps easier.

Pinch the first cupped shape sun and glue it into another cupped shape.

Scrunch up the sun shape onto the next one and repeat this step until all of your sun shapes are used.

Using your 2 smaller flowers adhere one into the other staggering the petals and then adhere your sun middle into the middle of your layered flowers.

Glue around the inner rim of one of the larger daisy and stack the other layer on top staggering the petals.

Glue around the inner ring of the stacked petals.

Now place your smaller daisy cluster on top of the larger flower cluster. This is your finished flower. Ink the flower if desired and ruffle it up a bit for a shabby look as in the top photo.

The smaller flowers were made the same as the top part of the flower, but instead of using the 2 larger layers, another smaller layer was used underneath curled the opposite way.


  1. This LO is modest and rich simultaneously :) And beautiful, of course :) Flowers are, as always, breath taking :)

  2. Очень красиво, отличная идея! Я сделала гофрированные кружочки на свою открытку по вашей идее. Заходите посмотреть:

  3. Another gorgeous flower creation and a stunning new fav of yours!!!

  4. wow, these are gorgeous! these might become my new fav. flowers! :)
    Thanks for the tutorial!

  5. Lisa these flowers are beautiful. I love that color. I am going to have to play around with this flower too. Thanks for all the inspiration :)


  6. These flowers are amazing Lisa, thanks for sharing!

  7. So very pretty. You are such a generous scrapper...sharing all these tips and techniques with us.


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