Saturday, July 30, 2011

Floriano Flower Tutorial

This is a very simple flower to create.


Product List
McGill Floriano Punch
McGill Star Punch
Glimmer Mist
non stick Craft mat

Punch out 3 flower layers.

Place on your craft mat and color with Glimmer Mist swishing the flowers in the color for a more intense color. Do both sides of the flower.

Let the flowers dry and curl the petals of 2 of the flowers under, and 1 of them upward towards the middle as shown.

Stack the two flowers with the petals curled back staggering petals, and top that with the flower where the petals are curled upward.

To assemble the middles, punch out 5 stars.

Using a thin handle paintbrush, cup 4 of the sun shapes around the end of the handle and scrunch them tightly. Leave one of the punched suns flat.

Stack the 4 cupped stars in layers, adhere each one to the next and place it onto the flat star. Fluff up your middle.

Glue your middle into the center of your flower.


  1. Fab tutorial. Thank you for sharing. Hugs,moni

  2. very pretty...thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for your great tutorial. Love the flowers you made.
    Greetings, Wies

  4. Brilliant tutorial. Thanks for sharing

  5. Wonderful tutorial. Cant wait to try it. Thanks.

  6. I love these flowers!! Will definitely make these!!

  7. I just adore your flowers Lisa! These are so very pretty! Thanks for the've been so inspiring to u bunches!

  8. Merci pour ce tutorial, une très jolie fleur, j'ai acheté le punch "sun" pour essayer !

  9. thanks so much ! it's really nice

  10. Loving these flowers!! Really GORGEOUS! Thanks for sharing!

  11. hi.. you make it look so easy!! thanks for sharing!

  12. Wow, Lisa, you must dream about flowers! LOL I am always amazed at how you come up with so many unique blooms. It really is a signature of yours to see those gorgeous flowers on your pages. Love this tute! Thanks for the congrats this morning!

  13. SO pretty! Thanks for the easy tutorial~

  14. Lisa, thank for another wonderful tutorial! I adore your flowers! ~ Blessings


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