Friday, October 22, 2010

My Garden Angels

Summer is over ..For the most part. We do have 4 seasons in Florida...Summer, Summer, Summer...And well, Summer. I have these little garden Angels that hang out in the pots in my yard. I am getting ready to plant new gatherings for the season, so my pots are empty at the moment. Except for my Garden Angels. They seem a bit disheveled, and lost. But that just adds to their appeal. I could not help but take some photo's of them. And they were perfect for the Round Robin Challenge over at Swirlydoos. I followed Amy and Cheryl, and I was excited!! So here are my dirty little angels in all of their glory..Happy in my little garden...

I created the letters in Microsoft word and cut them out.The butterflies were scanned from a past Swirlydoo Websters Pages paper and printed out on cardstock.

The flowers were all made from Organza Fabric and Ribbon. Follow my tutorials for instructions on making them. The vine can also be found here at Swirlydoos, along with some other leaves I had scanned from Websters pager quite some time ago.

The blue flower was made from cuting a Bazzil paper flower in half, then folding the piece in half and finishing with a piece of edge punch.


  1. Neat layout. Great flowers. Nice punch work.

  2. I love this Lisa! It's very serene and so pretty! Love the flowers too!!

  3. OPMG Lisa what a gorgeous LO well all of them actually. Just joined Swirlydoos so I won't stalk you blog but actually say hi.

    Will have to use that idea with the butterflies and those flowers are to die for

  4. this is so gorgeous!! I love your flowers! and your garden angels! :)

  5. I am always amazed how fabulous all your LO are. Thank you for sharing all your tutorials. They are highly appreciated!

  6. Love your work and your always charing your great ideas!!Thanks!!

  7. Thanks for all your tutorials! I used the swirly daisies in my latest LO. Check it out here:

  8. Love love love those hand made flowers, I so wanna try and make them, but don't know if I have the patients..LOL
    This is a definitely a fav layout with such a wonderful color choice..

  9. Stunning! I wish I could learn your style...mine is SO different:-)


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