Saturday, October 30, 2010

Florabella Textures

I have been playing with Florabella Textures and actions for some time. Textures Set III is in the works, and I am very excited!! These are my entries to apply as a tester. You had to use Texture Sets I and II.
I think Florabella are my all time favorite for textures and actions!! Using Florabella on your photo's is like adding Emeril's Essence to your food...Bamm!!!! It is the crowning Glory!!!

White Linen

Vintage Teal VT7 converted to B/W





  1. They all are nice. Especially like the white linen.

  2. I wish I lived close to you so that you could give me some classes;-D

  3. Ok question for ya, which bundle package would be a good choice of sampling what this can do? Florabella or lux? actions or textures or both? I love what the girls was doing in the forums with I think was the lux action or texture? I have PSE and so I will have to by that version I know. But the rest is a little fuzzy. If you don't mind me asking. Also If you wouldn't mind telling me how do you make it to were you want to link someones blog to your post in the wording? Sorry to ask and be a bother but you got it going on sister!!!! My email is I am really drooling over the actions and textures but not certain of which to choose just starting out with it and all and not to mention the price.. This will be my DH Val gift to me. Thanks a bunch already!!! Even if you don't have time to answer..


Love hearing your beautiful words!!!!