Monday, April 29, 2013

Switching to Bloglovin.

With the Doomed Google Friends connect coming to an end soon. I switche  over to Bloglovin a couple of weeks ago. .So if you would like to follow my blog, my Bloglovin connection is at the sidebar. I am now following all of the blogs I use to follow here, on Bloglovin. I don't want to miss a thing created by all of my online and (in person) creative friends!!


  1. I did that this weekend :) glad I got it out of the way!


  2. I didn't realize this was going to happen, I will have to look into this now I guess.

  3. Hi Lisa, I tried bloglovin but didn't like how it works. The blog posts do not appear in full length and you have to visit the blogs each time. What is working great for me is Feedly. It is even better than Google Reader and I am loving how easy it is to use. I thought you would like to know. :)


Love hearing your beautiful words!!!!