Monday, April 15, 2013

Blue Fern Studios is now available at BlueMoonScrapbooking!!!

 Yes...Blue Fern Studios has the most beautiful designs in chip board. And now one of my absolute favorite online stores, BlueMoonScrapbooking has them in stock!!! I am sooooo excited!!! Scott and Lisa have the best customer service on the planet. So go check them out and get some Blue Fern Studios chip board for yourself!! Then join us on the Blue Fern Studios Blog for incredible inspiration using the products!! As a Designer on the team, I know first hand how incredible these pieces are!! There are new designs being added to the inventory all the time. And give them a shout out as to what you would like to see. You never know as your idea may become a chip board design. We welcome all suggestions.

Visit the Blue Fern Studios Blog to see what The Design Team does with the beautiful chip board pieces. You will learn tricks, tips and techniques on how to adorn your chip board. I am very proud to be a part of this Very Incredibly Talented team!! These girls sure know how to rock the chip board, and I am sure you will learn too!!

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