Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Swirly Fiesta Flower

I have been inspired to create yet another flower...This one was inspired by Prima's Fiesta Flower. I try to do a new flower with each monthly kit that Swirlydoos comes out with. Here is my version.

Product List
1.Book pages or cardstock
2.Glimmer Mist, Shimmerz, alcohol Ink etc...
3.Lumineire or Luminart paint or any iridescent paint
4.Rock Candy Stickles
5.thin paint brush
6.Diamond Dust
7.chalk ink
8. glue or adhesive of your choice
9.Tim Holtz Alterations Tattered Florals die

Step 1.
Cut 2 large, 2 smaller and 1 small flower shape. I used Tim Holtz Tattered Florals die.

Step 2.

With a lighter color Glimmer Mist, spray the larger flowers. With a darker color spray the smaller flowers and paint the smaller one a solid color.

Step 3.

With your Luminiere Paint, on the back side of the flowers paint just the petals.
Ink the edges of the petals using a soft black chalk ink.
Clip in between the petals of the smaller 2 flowers just a bit.

Step 4.

Using the thin handle on a paint brush, curl the petals of the larger flower in onto the right side of the flower. Curl the petals on one flower tighter than the other as shown in the photo. You should see the side that you painted with the Luminiere on top of the curled petals. Repeat for the smaller flowers. Curl in the petals of the smallest flower also.

Step 5.
Now, Stack the flowers by the largest loosely curled flower on the bottom, followed by the tightly curled large flower, then the loosely curled medium flower, then the tightly curled flower, then last on top is the smallest flower. Use glue, tape runner, glue dots or your favorite adhesive to attach each layer.

Step 6.

Place any kind of middle you would like for the flowers. Buttons, Brads, Small flowers, I chose 3 simple pearls in the one in the photo.

Step 7.

With your Rock Candy Stickles, just touch the edges of the top of the curled petals of the flower.

Step 8.

While the stickles are still wet, dip the flower into the Diamond dust, and shake off slightly.

Your beautiful flowers are done.
You could substitute glitter or stickles for the diamond dust just to give the flower shimmer.
You could use patterned paper or cardstock in a solid color.
I love Prima's Fiesta Flowers, and they gave me the inspiration to create these. Hope you like them!! Link back to me if you make them, I would love to see what you come up with!!


  1. OMGosh Lisa these are so flippin gorgeous!! I have been playing with the idea of getting some of these paints and I finally decided to give in, after seeing this tute, and buy some!! Bow down to the flower queen :P

  2. This is way to cute!!! I can wait to give it a try.. Thanks for the tutorial...

  3. Okay .. my new mission in life .. makes some of these!

  4. Ms Craftysprinkles could have not said it any better!! Those are gorgeous!!!! I love the Diamond Dust was the extra pizzaz along with the shimmer paint...just stunning!

  5. Lisa u never cease to amaze me! I love these!! So pretty. Can't wait to try them..but I don't have any Lumineire paint..must it be used or can I use something else? I don't think my LSS has it either. TFS all ur wonderful talent and ideas with us! Luv ya!

  6. Gorgeous flowers. Will definately be adding these to my list of to do's! Thanks for sharing. x

  7. Now I know what I'm going to do this weekend! You rock at flower making, MY HERO! lol

  8. Am working on mine now!!!!! Not as good as yours, cause that's not possible, but!!!! I'm liking them a lot. Thanks, Lisa, for the tut and the inspiration!!!!

  9. Oh I'm so agreeing with Sandi C.. Wow!!! They are just stunning.. Wow!!! Those are definite must try..
    thank you so much sharing...

  10. Once again, I bow down to your greatness. You have proven again that you ARE the flower making goddess and I am awed to know you!


  11. I so want this TH flower's on my list for x-mass...along with about 50 other!
    They are beautiful flowers...tfs!

  12. Hi Lisa! Thanks for visiting my blog. These flowers are gorgeous!! I love the colors and the diamond dust! You're right; we do have similar flowers. Prima makes so many beautiful flowers that it's difficult NOT to be inspired by them. Some flowers are apparently easier to simulate than others. Thanks for sending me the link to your blog.

  13. Oh....I'm so glad that you have this tut on your blog. I've been looking and looking for it.
    All hail to the Flower Queen!!!

    Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas.

  14. Hi Lisa, First of all, your flowers are awesome and I can't wait to try making them. Second your play list rocks!!!! LOL!! I normally turn my volume down when I'm blog hopping, but this time I left it on even while looking at my mail and going to my other sites. LOL!! What a fab assortment of music. That's so who I am. I love it all! (especially Daughtry. LOL)

  15. I guess I wasn't signed in right. I didn't leave my info right. That was me up above Lisa. Have a creative day. DebDoodle


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