Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pocketbook Purse by Zandra!!

I just had to share with you a beautiful piece of art...My blogging friend Zandra makes the most incredible "Pocketbook Purses"...And guess who had the honor to receive one!!! YES!!! Meeeeeeee!!!!!!! I will tell you, this girl is incredibly talented!! Her name is Zandra Cudney, and here is a little trivia about her. She says "I was named after "Zorro". My father liked watching the TV show and hence replaced the "s" with a "z". When I'm asked to spell it I always say "Z" as in zebra. Hmmm, maybe that's why I like zebra print so much?"
Is that not so cute!! And she happens to be a Prima addict just like us Swirly Girls!! You know, she did beautiful pages with Swirlydoos kits! But the albums she creates are gorgeous. You really need to hop on over to her blog and check out her work, and her scraproom is to die for!!! I think she has stock in Prima!!! LOL..Anyway, I was very excited to receive my gift from Zandra, I asked her how she could part with such a beautiful album, she replied that she made an identical one for herself, so it wasn't that hard! Is that so sweet!! She used the new Pink Paislee collection “Queen Bee.” Lots of Prima, and what a surprise to see she included Prima hydrangeas that she used my technique with micro beads and stickles on and added a butterfly from one of my butterfly files I shared!! It tickled my heart!! The little details are incredible, she made a tiny stick pin made with Austrian crystals..They sparkle like diamonds, and the handle has this cute little bear tucked between the lush beads...Super cute!! I tell you the pictures dont do it justice!! I think I am going to try my hand at making one of these, I will have to grab tips from Zandra as she is the expert!! Well dont delay, go check out her Blog Home SCRAPS TO BEAUTY BY ZANDRA..you will be inspired!! Thank you Zandra for the lovely gift, I will treasure it!! And fill it with love!!


  1. I'm on the hunt to see if I can track down her blog but if you spot this before I do....anyway you can give us a Link??

  2. Wow...this is so beautiful...lucky you to have received such an amazing gift. Off to check out her blog.

  3. Oh, Lisa you are so sweet! So, glad you love it. I hope you got a peek at the little rolled up poem? ;o) Thank you so much for the shout out! Just love your work, too. So, glad we are BBF's~Best Blogging Friends!

  4. Zandra's work is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

    I just love how you girls have taken scrapbooking to the next level...amazing paper art!!! :)


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