Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sharing some Florida Fall Photos.

As a Long Islander transplanted in Florida for the last 28 years, there is one thing I miss the most. AUTUMN. I miss leaf peeping, I miss the fireplace on a crisp Autumn night, I miss real pumpkin picking and the smell of burning leaves. I miss apple picking and fresh Apple cider. Yes I miss the food, but what I wouldn't do to go wandering deep into the woods on a gorgeous Fall day. So wanting to get that Fall feeling (kind of hard when it is still in the 80's) I decided to dress up the gazebo in my yard and create an Autumn theme to take photo's of my granddaughter Charlotte. There are hundreds of acres of woods that back up to my yard..I dare not venture in there to deep. You know..snakes alligators and spiders the size of small mammals....

 And then....She was out of there!!!!!


  1. As always, your professional photography is super stunning and so very crisp and clear! What a GORGEOUS Autumn set up you created! These photos are incredible!

  2. Precious .... beyond description!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wow! Lisa what a beautiful fun "autumn" day for your adorable granddaughter. What precious, beautiful photos!


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