Sunday, April 11, 2010


So I couldn't get enough of Organza flowers, I had to create more. So I have decided to create a series of fabric flower tutorials for your scrapbook pages. Of course for you seamstresses, they would look beautiful on garments and head bands as well. So here I give you Sheer Blooms II.

~~~Supply List~~~

Sheer Organza Fabric or fabric of your choice
needle and thread (I strand 2 threads together for strength)
buttons, pearls, sequins, brads, tiny flowers, ect...

~~~Step 1~~~

Cut 5 circles out of your Organza. I used a jar lid as my template. It was 3 inches wide, but you can use any size. You can use any type fabric. Cottons work beautifully. So do silks and satins.

~~~Step 2~~~

Fold your circle in half, wrong side together, right side out.

~~~Step 3~~~

Take your half circle and fold in half again point to point. You should have a cone shape. Note: If you are using cotton fabric, you could press the piece at this point to give you a nice sharp petal. I like the fullness of the Organza so I only finger press the crease lightly.

~~~Step 4~~~

Sew a running stitch along the open curved side of your quarter folded circle as shown.

~~~Step 5~~~

Take your next quartered circle and repeat the sewing, stringing it on the same thread.

~~~Step 6~~~

Repeat until all 5 petals are strung on the thread then pull to gather as shown.

~~~Step 7~~~

Now join your 2 end petals together and knot and fasten the thread.

Now you are ready to add what ever centers you want. I was inspired by Primas centers and created the small beaded center on the bottom right flowers by stringing glass beads in a pattern on wire and twisting into petal shapes and adding a larger pearl in the center. And how pretty would these look if you sewed on some sequins to the tips of the petals. I will work on that idea for one of my next LO's.Hope you like these flowers as well...


  1. You've been busy today! I was wondering how you ended up with a different shaped petal. Can't wait to try it. Love the flower centers too.

  2. Oh I want to try this one!! Did the last one and love the technique..just have to get it just right!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing Lisa.
    They truly look awesome. Love them.
    I'll give this a try today.
    The other tutorial that you did, I already tried those and they are so gorgeous. Once again... thanks for sharing.

  4. Lisa I just love these!! Thanks for making them look so easy to make. I'm on vacation this week, so I will be going to my fabric stash to see what I have. Thanks so much for sharing!!

    xoxo Karen Lee

  5. Lisa I just wanted to tell you that I used some of your butterflies on a card I made last night and I gave you credit for them on my blog along with a link to yours. I also mentioned these flowers, so hopefully a few fellow bloggers will stop by to see your lovely work. Now.....I'm off to my scraproom to make some of these flowers....I stopped by a fabric store today and picked up some pretty fabric and a few buttons, pearls and sequins. I hope they turn out even half as nice as yours. Thanks so much Lisa.

    xoxo Karen Lee

  6. I've admired these and now I will have to give it a try .. gotta buy the fabric first though! Thanks for the little tute!

  7. wow, beautiful flowers and a wonderful tutorial, thanks so much for sharing!

  8. These are AWESOME!! I have been wanting to try fabric flowers! Great job and thank for the tutorial! =)

  9. Thank you for your fab flower tutorials. I want to make these flowers for embellishing my wedding dress. I going to look like a walking scrapbook!

  10. Well, here you are again. I seem to be following you around, LOL.
    I just looked at your tutorial for Sheer Blooms II, and had to thank you for sharing. I love the way the sheer flowers look.
    Hope you are having a great day.
    Fran (Quick Silver, from


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