Saturday, March 3, 2018

Tresors De Luxe Design Team and more...

I'm dusting off my blog. I have had to step away from designing because of lifes challenges as of late, but I need a distraction. A creative distraction. The kind of distraction that takes me away to a happy place I love to go. Creative therapy... and while I stepped down from the Dusty Attic
DT for 2018, I will continue to use their chipboard on my new projects because they fit beautifully and I believe the designs are the best.  My scrapbooking has taken a slightly different direction. I had found that my love was in making mini albums. The process of taking chipboard and paper, and building a book from the base up, always got my creative juices running. Then I discovered Nik The Booksmith. I am hooked. Creating the kind of books Nik creates are simply divine heaven for me. I found that I can use EVERYTHING in my scrapbook stash in my bookmaking process. And almost EVERYTHING in my sewing stash, and EVERYTHING in my jewelry making supplies..I am also putting my Photoshop skills to use once again in graphic design.

Then along came an invite. Lucy Oh who owns Tresors de Luxe asked if I would join her design Team. How could I say no!! I had Guest Designed before, and loved the gorgeous laces she sent me. So I happily accepted her invitation to join a VERY talented team. I know these artists. I have worked alongside many of them in the past.

   So dream, old vintage cloth covered books, junk journaling, coffee/tea dyed papers, ephemera, laces, trims, jewels, dangles, pressed flowers, handmade paper, tapestry, sari silk, tapestry and luxurious fabrics, beautiful pages....All rolled into one!!! Yup....My dreams have become a reality...Stay tuned. as I rock your junk journaling book world!!! It is going to be a creative and adventurous journey with these oh so talented friends of mine...Thank you Lucy for this opportunity.

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  1. Many congrats to you, Lisa! You will be a true asset to the TDL Team! I already follow them and purchase from the Etsy shop!!


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