Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Frank Garcia Design Team and .....ME!!!!!!!

I met Frank Garcia almost 5 years ago when he first started scrapping and showing up on forums and galleries. I remember how I felt when I first noticed his posts online in galleries....I was mesmerized by the raw talent I saw. I just knew he was destined to be big..Over the years, we have formed a wonderful friendship, spoke of our Hispanic heritages, talked about food, art, traveling  and of course scrapping. I remember when he showed me  little sneaks of designs he was working on, (pre-Prima)I showed him mine, we would critique each, of course loving them all. I just knew they would end up in print on a big scale one day!! Fast forward  to November 2015.. Franks dream came true with Prima.
Here we are. Frank is living his dream, and I could not be happier for him!! Artist, Designer, Friend extraordinaire!! I am thankful for his friendship over the years, and now I get to be a part of his dreams. Being asked to design for the Inaugural Frank Garcia Design Team.. I am honored, but most of all blessed. This man has my scrappy heart. And I am soooo proud of him!!!! From humble beginnings to This...Gracias Frank. Te amo muchisimo!!!

Here you go...I would like to introduce you to The Frank Garcia Design team!!!!! Wait until you see what we have in  store for you!!!

The Frank Garcia Design Team
Trina McClune Design Team Coordinator
Congrats Teamies!!!! This is going to be a rockin time!!!


  1. greetings to all much success

    especially beatriz :)

  2. Congratulations to the Team. Can't wait to see more of your artistic endeavours. This is an exciting day!! Keep smiling and creating one and all.

  3. Congrats Lisa! I am SO looking forward to a very exciting year with you and the rest of this phenomenal team!


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