Sunday, January 13, 2013

Live Each Day featuring Blue Fern Studios

Today is the day that I posted my first Blog entry into the Blue Fern  Studios Blog. I hope you go visit the blog, as one by one the fabulous Design Team is introducing themselves and posting the most incredible gorgeous designs using Blue Fern Studios fabulous chip board. 
Here is mine...
For the Leaf Frame, I painted the frame with a heavy coat of white Gesso, and while the paint was still wet, I lightly sprayed on some Color Shine spray in Georgia Peach and watched it pool on the chip board. The result was a beautiful design replication of some of the patterned paper I used for the layout. 

 Those of you who know me, know that I LOVE creating my own flowers. I used the Tattered Florals die for the flower petals and the McGill sun punch for the middle. They are very similar to my Passion Daisy tutorial. Just use the same size flowers for all 3 layers. 

This is just a closeup of one of the flowers. 

I painted the nested Circles using Silks Glaze paint in Olive Vine. I ordered a generous supply at Swirlydoos. The  Silks paint gave the chipboard a beautiful shimmer. 
Wasting nothing, I used the throwaway piece after punching out one of the nested circles. I thought it framed the smaller piece wonderfully. 

Blue Fern Studios
                                                                       Nested Circles
Model: 074455

I used the Spellbinders Persian Motifs die under the Nested Circles. The metal butterfly is from FabScraps. All of the little flowers you see were left over from Swirlydoos kits. The journaling frame is a Spellbinders labels die. 
Blue Fern Studios
Model: 074356

Please follow along with the Blue Fern Studios Blog, and see what the fabulously talented Design Team will be posting. You will surely be inspired, as they bring you new techniques to adorn your chip board. 
Thanks for stopping by and look forward to more inspiration to come!


  1. HI..This is a gorgeous layout Lisa, and I just read about your nightmare with BOA.. That is incredible.. I do hope you get someone to help you sort it out.. it is so unfair...Take care of your health too..

  2. Such a gorgeous page, Lisa .. and such yummy flowers! Great job on the BF chippy!

  3. This is gorgeous Lisa. You can see the stress and sadness in your expression. I'm so sorry to hear the hell your family is going through!! Praying for you!!

  4. Awesome job, Lisa- I love me a full layout, so this one speaks to me!

    Sorry of your struggles with BOA- I also read your story on FB. So unfair. I pray you find justice in this twisted world- and that eventually you can put this entire horrible experience behind you...


  5. Stunning layout!! I love your flowers!!

  6. Lisa that is one super gorgeous layout! You are really showing off those chippies to the full extent! Magic on paper :)

  7. So very pretty, Lisa!! I just love what you have done with that frame, gorgeous!

  8. what a beautiful page! i love your handmade flowers and your colors!

  9. Hi Lisa! So wonderful to see such a fabulous layout from you. Blue Fern Studios is made for your style!

    Any update on BoA?
    Big hugs!


Love hearing your beautiful words!!!!