Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Puffed Rose Flower Tutorial

It has been a little while since I created a flower tutorial. I have so many ideas in my head. Right now I am waiting on my delivery of Flower Soft. I have a tutorial coming up on creating just stamen.

Product List:
Donna Salazar Spellbinders Rose Creations die  (or any flower punch or die in 3 different sizes L_M_S)
Puffy paint
heat gun
McGill Molding Mat (or mouse pad)
Embossing tools
soft chalk ink

Die cut or punch 6 flowers, 2 of each graduated size.

Using your embossing tool press down using a circular motion on each petal until the petals are cup shaped and curl upward.

Repeat on all Flowers until done.

Take one of the smaller flowers and curl in onto itself to form a bud. Place a few dots of adhesive on the inside of the petals to keep the petals in place.

Glue the formed bud onto the other small flower.

Fold the petals up around the bud to create a bigger bud.

Glue the bud on to the medium flower and place a glue dot on each of the petal bases as shown close to the bud.

Bring up the petals around the bud base and hold a few minutes until it holds, then staggering petals, add the next medium flower to the layers curling back the petals slightly.

Add your 2 large flowers the same way. Shape the flower petals a little to fluff up the flower a bit.

Outline your petal edges with Puffy paint and set aside till almost dry. It will be slightly tacky. Approximately 30 minutes depending on the humidity.

Holding the flower with a pair of tweezers, use your heat gun to puff up the paint. Do not hold the gun in one place to long or you will burn the edges. Be VERY careful and work quickly.

When cool, hit the petal edges with a bit of chalk ink , then outline the edges over the puffy paint with Stickles.

Enjoy your new Puffed Roses. They really are beautiful in real life. Rivals any manufacturers roses any time. To add some real sparkle, after hitting the edges with Stickles, before it dries, sprinkle some Diamond Dust over it.


  1. what an awesome rose! Thanks for the tutorial! Must try them real soon! :)

  2. Lisa, This tutorial is spectacular - your roses are beautiful and you've explained the process with pictures just perfectly. Thanks so much!

  3. A beautiful rose and a brilliant tutorial

  4. Thank you x10!!! This is gorgeous. I knew it was do-able but didn't quite get it until your tutorial. Thank you for sharing it.

  5. Wow that puffy paint really makes a difference! I love it!

  6. Fabulous tutorial, Lisa! Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Love this one, Lisa .. always fun using puffy paint! Can't wait for your next one!

  8. Oh this is just gorgeous! Guess I'll be out looking for that Spellbinders die now...Thanks!! LOL Will definitely be trying this one. Thanks for the great tute Lisa!

  9. Thank you for sharing Lisa!!! Awesome as always!!

  10. oh these are gorgeous.. you make it look so easy!! thanks for sharing..

  11. I will try this one too, they're awesome as always! :)

  12. This tutorial is awesome! I must have some puffy paint! I am definitely going to try this!

  13. Lisa these are incredible. Your attention to detail is amazing. THANK YOU so much for this. Just love it!

  14. Amazing... roses has come out of well... thank you so much for sharing the tutorial... I just love how generously you share your skills and knowledge with others... Cheers for you!

  15. WOOOOOOW! WOW x10! I'm impressed! This flower is GORGEOUS! And I love your tutorial--very clear!! BEAUTIFULLY done:)

  16. Thanks for sharing your amazing flower-making skills, Lisa!

  17. I'm so gonna give this a try!! Thanks for all you do and all the sharing you provide!!

  18. lovely page of your DS and what an awesome tutorial you have done.

  19. I was looking for a tutorial but the link to this page doesn't show photos. Would love to see how to make these roses.

  20. gta 5 apk
    I have red, pale-orange, and purple fruited plants well-established and I'll soon be starting some of the orange and lemon-yellow types I have seed for.


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