Monday, October 19, 2009

Lets Start a Mini...

Head on over to SWIRLYDOOS. I will be doing a weekly series on Mondays on How to make a Mini Album step by step. Head on over to the Tips, Tricks & Techniques page for Part 1 which started today. The Series will be titled "Monday Morning Mini Madness"..Stay tuned for more info. Todays tutorial is on preparing the cover, back and pages. Future sessions will be on embellishing your cover and the different pages with cool techniques and tutorials and end with putting it all together, So come and join us for Monday Mini Madness. If you have always wanted to try a mini, this will take you step by step...


  1. Thank you Lisa...for making the effort and time to teach us so much. I love your style and techniques.

  2. Thanx for the lesson in mini books...I really want to follow are so very talented...thanx for the blog love...means so much to us!!!!

  3. wow, sounds great! not sure about the photo shop? Will you take us threw that, too? Hugz, Z


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