Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Coffee Filter Rose Tutorial

***Product list***
Any thing that will will create 4 different sized hearts. A Cricut, Fiskars templates, free hand, and in my case I used my Sizzix Hearts die, all four on one die plate...It works perfectly. Quick dry glue, Glimmer mist in any color, a hole puncher (the tiny one 1/16), large cone coffee filters, a brad.

Cut out 4 hearts of each of the 4 sizes, and hole punch above the point.

Glimmer mist them lightly, but do not saturate unless you want solid color.
Starting with the smallest heart, start stacking them onto the brad, prong side up, and place a tiny glue dot near the brad so that the hearts are stabilized.
Stack the next 2 sizes. The largest heart is stacked last. This will end up being your bottom layer.
Turn right side up, this is what you have.
Start scrunching up the top layer.
Then take each of the next layers and scrunch up around the top layer.
Open it up and for this one I curled the edges of each petal.
For this one I just crumbled the rose lightly and curled just a few petals.
You can use any kinds of brads, You can cover your brads with stickles, or glitter or seed beads, just about anything. You can ink the edges of the flower, or you can just Glimmer mist the inner side of the petals to give the middles a blush effect. The possibilities are endless. Of course you can add more layers for a fuller rose, or omit the larger hearts for a smaller rose. And you can use cardstock or paper. I will be also be teaching another technique using organza.

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