Saturday, January 17, 2009

Nick having fun with the camera!!

Just wanted to let you know about my day this past Thursday. Dan Coffey from Pie Town Productions, cameraman, from Rate My Space (the television show on HGTV)flew out from California to shoot my Scrapbooking Studio for their show!!!! How exciting it was, he was absolutely wonderful and cute as a button. The shoot went well, Dan thought it went excellant. He estimated to be here from 10 am until 4 0r 5 pm, and we were done at 1pm. He said it was one of the easiest shoots he had done and actually enjoyed his visit here to Florida. What a nice guy, Nick, (my son,pictured) of course was fascinated with the whole shoot and was in awe of Dans camera the whole time. Dan was tickled about Nicks interest and enthusiasm and asked Nick if he wanted to play with the camera, of course Nick was so excited, Dan gave him a blank dvd tape to keep, gave him a few pointers on the cameras operation and Nick went to town!!! Nick has his certification in TV production and has used this type of camera before, but this one was the creme de la creme of cameras. He was in awe!!! We played it back on our HD TV and what a great picture!!! So with all this done, Dan said the episode will air some time in May on HGTV, as the construction in the homeowners room is currently under way, and after it airs the Producers will send me my very own copy...What a fun day, I hope my hair looked XXXOOO


  1. Hey Lisa I just found your blog!! I can't wait to see your scraproom on HGTV!!

    formerly ScrapperK from

  2. exciting........please remind me when it's close to airing......would love to see it!! Stopped by to visit your blog, sure glad I did, how exciting.....TV!!! I also just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your work! I try to get by and take a peek when I get a few minutes after work, and I so enjoy it when you have added a new one at SB!! You always have the deepest richest colors, just such eye candy! TFS!!

  3. Oh WOW!! Lisa!! that is so cool!! and your scraproom will be on HGTV?? YIPPEE!!'ve got to remind me when it's on in May so I can watch it (and record it)....that is so cool my friend!!

    ~Gabi xx


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