Wednesday, April 11, 2012

***Zva Creative***featuring Swirlydoos

I absolutely just love the way a little bling goes a long way to beautify your layouts. Zva Pearls, and Crystals do just that for my layouts. While I stalk the Post Man for more Zva Bling and flowers, I decided to create a layout using what I still have in my beautiful stash. You know how much I love creating my own flowers, well using Zva's gorgeous velvety leaves compliments them beautifuly. And the smaller flowers are a beautiful fill in.
I used Swirlydoos March kit "French Quarter" to showcase my Zva product. They appear to go hand in hand. Then again, Zva goes with just about any product you use!! It is just that versatile.
The photo was taken years ago. My son and daughter always hung out with dad in the garage when he was working on his Hotrods. So, my husband would drag out a piece of a car, give the kids tools to work with, and they would pretend to be dad's workers. While Steve was busy working on serious stuff, the kids stayed out of his hair and out of his way while they worked on their project. It always worked. My husband learned how to keep the kids busy while I was in school or work. In the photo, my daughters hands, face, and cloths are filthy...The kids were working on a car. My little Grease Monkeys!!
This is a closeup of one of the floral clusters. There was a beautiful sparkly piece of paper in the Swirlydoos April kit Whispers of Spring. I used it to create the larger flowers using my Tim Holtz Tattered florals die. The smaller roses were created using the tim Holtz Tattered pInecone die. The beautiful Zva leaves are 36pc leaves #I - 2" [FL-04CA-110] and 36pc leaves #II - 1.5" [FL-04CA-114]. The tiny green roses are mini rose -1/2" or 12mm - Olive[FLBK-03CB-106] and the white ones are mini rose -1/2" or 12mm - White[FLBK-03CB-101]. The reason the green ones appear smaller, is because Gabbies cat likes to chew on flowers!! So they got a little wet. but I love how they looked like when they dried. Like little dried flowers.
The beautiful Fantasia pearls come in a set of 2. I used the Taupe/Chocolate Pearl [CRS-04CA-119] to frame my photo. I usually curl the wire stems for the tiny roses around the thin handle of a paint brush to create the tendrils.
Fantasia - Taupe/Chocolate Pearl - Unit of 6 Pkgs[CRS-04CA-119]Fantasia - Taupe/Chocolate Pearl - Unit of 6 Pkgs[CRS-04CA-119]Fantasia - Taupe/Chocolate Pearl - Unit of 6 Pkgs[CRS-04CA-119]
The butterflies are from files I created and can be found at Swirlydoos in the Images and Graphics section.
This next Zva pearl flourish is also a double pack. "Ice & Fire" Pearl - White -[PE-03CA-106]. I used one peice from the set.
"Ice & Fire" Pearl - White - Unit of 6 Pkgs[PE-03CA-106]


  1. how fun! I love looking at your artwork because there's so much to explore on the page. I'm always asking myself "how did she do that" (and thankfully you are so generous with your tutorials - they have lead to a lot of creativity within me)

  2. This is so gorgeous. I always love your flowers and those pretty butterflies you use.

  3. Oh Lisa another amazing and beautiful layout, you have no idea how much you inspire me, such beautiful creations!!! LOVE those flowers!!! BEAUTY!!!!!!

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my last layout, you are pure sweetness!

    Hugs! Frank

  4. What a beautiful story. You captured it so beautifully in this layout. Every detail to perfection.

  5. Love this great LO. The burlap background and then the pretty flowers and bling make such a great contrast.
    My DH use to 'entertain' our kids by keeping them busy with fixing cars as well. And both of them learned a lot about vehicles which can useful knowledge for any grownup to have.

  6. I have just spent the last 2 hour going through you blog! I LOVE IT!! your projects are stunning!!!


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