Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Post It Notes Book Cover***Zva Creative*** Tutorial

Keep this beautiful little book that holds Post It Notes handy when you need it. I will carry this one in my purse. I keep one on my scrap desk, and another by the phone. I love them!!

I even decorated the back cover with the other half of my Zva Crystal Flourish Flourish IV - Clear Crystal - [CRS-05CA-101].

It holds one pack of a 3x3 Post it Notes pack.

Product List:
1 12x12 piece of double sided paper
Tape Runner Gun or adhesive of your choice
Paper Cutter
Piece of chip board or Grunge Board
Small embellishments of your choice

Cut out your pattern paper using the templates.

Score your ends (I use a score board) and fold over using a bone folder for crisp edges.

Adhere your chip board pieces to the inside of your cover piece. Make sure the outer edges just touch the fold line. Do not go over it, then take the thinner middle piece and place between the 2 larger pieces making sure there is a small gap between all 3 pieces as shown.

Starting with your longer flaps, adhere them to your chipboard. Then take your smaller end flaps and do the same. I used a tape runner, but you can use glue or 2 way tape.

If you would like to make the bow tie into the outside of the spine as shown in the top photo then adhere your ribbon(s)
over the inside of the spine.

If you would like to close your cover with a bow tie, then cut your ribbon in half and adhere to both ends of the cover. I used glue to tack the pieces down for stability.

Take your liner and adhere it over the ribbon and onto the inside of your cover.

Adhere a 3x3 Post it Notes pack to the back side of your booklet. You are now ready to decorate it.
I used 2 ribbons, one silk the other sheer.
To decorate the cover, I used a 1.5" Graceful roses -Scarlet - [FL-04CA-134], Leaves- 1" [FL-04CA-112], Flourish IV - Clear Crystal - [CRS-05CA-101], Elegant Rose Buds White
[FLBK-03CB-145], mini rose 1/2" or 12mm - Olive [FLBK-03CB-106]

Here is one I did using the new Swirlydoos March kit French Quarter. This one has the ribbon adhered to the inside spine before you place the liner. This will allow you to tie a pretty bow on the outside of the book spine.


Vicki said...

Beautiful, Lisa! I love the different options for the ribbon.

Helen said...

This is beautiful!!!! I need several and of course a few more for friends. You are the best!
Helen Sisson

Nágela said...

His works are amazing!
Thanks for sharing!

Jan Garber said...

This tutorial is wonderful! I want to make dozens... Thanks!

ingrid said...

this looks gorgeous! thanks for the tutorial!

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zandra said...

Love the mini! I am enjoying working with burlap, too. Glad you got to spend some time with Gabby she looks great! :o( Can't get my Gabby until the end of May.
Hugz, Z

Jessica Cangiano said...

Sweet Lisa, thank you dearly for your comment on my post about finding vintage clothing for those with special medical needs. It was such an unexpected, marvelous treat to hear from and to get a nurse's opinion on that article. I treasure your thoughts thought and really appreciate that you shared them with me.

Once things have settled down a tad more in the wake of our recent cross country move, I hope to delve right back into paper crafting, as that's an element of my life I've really missed over these past few hectic months.

And speaking of paper crafting, I'm perpetually in awe of the creative, timelessly lovely projects you share with us. Amazing, inspiring work, dear lady.

Wishing a serene, gorgeous weekend,
♥ Jessica

Anusha Vamsee said...

Very beautiful.. :-)