Monday, January 25, 2010

I Heart Faces Textures Contest

Week 4 - “Texture” Photo Challenge!
So this week at I Heart Faces the challenge is Textures..You all know how much I love using textures in my photos. So I took this photo of my friend Christina on her wedding day. I added 2 different textures, brushed in the butterfly wings and used Bleeding Cowboy text for the journaling. I also used a vintage action for the color and softened it up a bit using Portraiture and added a slight diffuse glow. Shana Rae is guest judge!! She owns Florabella and has the best textures out there...One day I hope to own her entire collection!! I love my Photoshop!!!


Mrs. So and So said...

Wow! I have photoshop too, but nothing ever comes out looking like that! So beautiful.

Lynette said...

I have Elements...and don't even use that very well...this is just amazing.

Toni said...

This is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I can't do the photoshop stuff.... not smart enough!!!
Anyhoo luv this, u r so TALENTED!!!

Hugs, Toni

CRAZYMOM said...

wow! That is stunning. And so unique. Excellent!