Monday, December 6, 2010

Swirlydoos Winter/Spring 2011 Design Team

Well it was an extremely difficult task to go through the many many submissions from scrappers here and all around the world who applied for the Swirlydoos Winter/Spring 2011 Design Team! I summed it up like this...
Just imagine, you are a mother of 50+ wonderful children...Each child is different but perfect in every way. Now pick the "two" children who will go to Disney World with you for the next 6 months... almost impossible I say!!
I just want to say, it was my pleasure to go through each and every application. Because If I didnt, I wouldnt have realized just how talented everyone really is. I perused their blogs and sometimes got lost for a long time just taking it all in.They were all Design Team Material, and so very happy that I got to know a little about each scrapper.
Krissy and I emailed each other back and forth ,back and forth, Skyped, talked, and more back and forth emails before we came to our decision. We had our work cut out for us.
I would like to say welcome to Camilla Ekman from Sweden

And Lisa Valentine from the USA (photo coming soon)
to the Design Team.

It took me about 4 tries calling Sweden before I got the exit number + area code + phone number before I got Camilla on the line!! She was sooo sweet and gracious accepting the position. And we had a lovely conversation about bringing her awesome talent to the team. And Lisa and I were emailing each other back and forth about something we had been working on and I forgot to email her some info, and Lisa emailed me back about forgetting to attach the info, and I said I forgot because of the excitement. She wanted to know what I was excited about, so I asked her if it was OK to call her at work, and I did, but she had no idea that my excitement was about calling her to give her the news about asking her to be on the Design Team. She was so cute...And I am happy that Angelica is staying on for another term with us. She is gonna keep us busy with that butterfly challenge. And I have to say, Both Angelica and Camilla are on ZVA's Design Team for the new term and that is awesome as well!!
I would also like to say that Tina has been such an inspiration to everyone at Swirlydoos, including me. I have forged a friendship with Tina that started when we met up in Baily,Colorado last year while attending Swirlydoos Camp up in the Rocky Mountains. And now, she is my neighbor here in Florida. So no matter what she does, she will still and always be a Swirly sister. I am almost certain that she isnt going anywhere for the time being. And I am happy about that.
Thank you to everyone that applied. And I cant wait to see ya'll Rock The New Year!!!!!
So stay tuned into Swirlydoos as we welcome the very talented Lisa and Camilla onto the Design Team. We are all in for a wild ride!!! 2011 is going to be Smashing!!!!


Karen Wilson said...

I can only imagine how hard it was!!! Holy smokes!! Congrats to the 2 new very talented Swirly ladies!! Cant wait too see all the new inspiration!!

Stay True To God said...

Hey Lisa!

I would hate to have to be the one to narrow down 2 from 50!! Gosh I bet that was difficult!! I absolutely love Lisa's work with all of her gorgeous handmade embellies!! I'll have to find out more about Camilla... but if she made the team... I'm sure her work is gorgeous!! :)

I wish you all another FABULOUS 6 months and I can't wait to see what you all create!! Oh... and please keep those awesome tutorials comin'!!

God bless & big hugs...


Lori said...

I know you did have your work cut out for you. Thank you so much for this sweet post. You posted this with such grace and i know the new design team is going to Rock in the new year. Hugs...